Office of Diversity and Inclusion – Mission and Vision


Maryville University regards diversity and inclusion as core principles of our learning environment, and multicultural understanding as an essential measure of student success. The Office of Diversity and Inclusion is actively focused on creating a campus community respectful of all identities, and encourages our students to engage in meaningful cultural experiences throughout their Maryville journey.


The Office of Diversity & Inclusion seeks to create an intentionally vibrant campus where students feel connected, respected, accepted and valued. We will accomplish this by honoring diversity, exploring social justice issues, celebrating traditions, cultivating student identities, supporting academic success and developing leadership capacity.

Tri-Sector Model

To achieve our mission and vision the Office of Diversity & Inclusion has adopted the Tri-Sector Model of Cultural Practice, which includes Cultural Education, Cultural Engagement and Cultural Development.

  • Cultural Education
    Cultural education programs allow students to acquire and experience critical knowledge needed to fully understand and focus on the history, practices and infrastructure of various cultures. Lectures, panels and brown bag discussions are typical offerings.
  • Cultural Engagement
    These social programs often include performances, entertainment and social gatherings. Festivals, multi-ethnic luncheons and performance troupes are examples of some past cultural engagement programs.
  • Cultural Development
    These programs address the holistic development of students, with particular emphasis on how culture affects leadership, professional development and wellness. They also make important contributions to student understanding, connectedness and ethos toward a variety of personal cultures and communities.