Office of Diversity & Inclusion – Scholarship Programs

As a core value and a central tenet of our strategic plan, “A New Century of Higher Education: Maryville 2022,” Maryville University is committed to creating a diverse and inclusive campus community that values individual strengths, rigorous academics and an active learning environment. Our scholarship opportunities help ensure a quality education is accessible and affordable for all high achieving students who wish to enroll at Maryville University.

By far the largest of our programs, the Multicultural Scholars Program was created to provide scholarships to students from diverse backgrounds, with two primary goals: increase the number of underrepresented students who choose to attend Maryville, and help ensure our students are successful during their college transition and beyond.

Multicultural Scholars is a two-tiered program that provides students interested in helping to create an inclusive campus environment with a half-tuition (Multicultural Scholars) or a partial tuition (Multicultural Dean’s Award) scholarship. Students must meet admission requirements and complete an essay as part of the admission application to be considered for the program. Select students are invited to campus during the annual University Scholars Competition weekend to compete for a limited number of scholarships.

Multicultural Scholars participants receive the scholarship for four years, as long as they remain in good standing (academic and behavioral) with the University.


Scholarship Opportunities:

Multicultural Scholars

  • Year 1: Scholars focus on self-awareness, including learning styles, personality, talents/strengths and cultural intelligence
  • Year 2: Scholars focus on gaining an understanding of other cultures by engaging in programs/events on- and off-campus
  • Year 3: Scholars focus on the tools needed to be successful peer-educators, including dialogue and active listening skills
  • Year 4: Scholars develop presentations focused on diversity and appreciation of differences. They facilitate workshops for first-year students in the University Seminar courses in fall semester. Additionally, scholars present on their experiences as peer-educators at the annual Summit on Leadership Development (SOLD) in the spring semester.

Dr. Donald M. Suggs Scholarship

The Dr. Donald M. Suggs Scholarship serves African American undergraduate, academically strong students. The scholarship honors the continuing legacy of Dr. Donald M. Suggs, publisher of The St. Louis American newspaper, and longtime philanthropist and community leader.

  • Provides full tuition, room and board
  • The Dr. Donald M. Suggs Scholarship is valued at more than $143,000 over four years, and is renewable over four years
  • Minimum qualifications include 23 ACT score and 3.25 GPA
  • Students selected for this scholarship will participate in the Multicultural Scholars Program

St. Louis Bright Futures Scholarship

The St. Louis Bright Futures Scholarship serves African American undergraduate, academically strong students who have completed Associates of Art (AA) or Associate of Arts in Teaching (AAT) from St. Louis Community College or St. Charles Community College

  • The Scholarship awards $3000 – $10,000 annually
  • 3.0 Cum GPA
  • Deadline for admission: March 15
  • FAFSA must be filed by April 1
  • Major Specific: Accounting, Accounting Systems & Forensics, Business Administration, Financial Services, International Business, Internet Marketing, Management & Leadership, Marketing, Sport Business Management, Psychology, Criminal Justice/Criminology, Early Childhood Education (AAT), Elementary Education (AAT), Middle Level Education (AAT)

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