Student Information

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Student Information

Student Information

Information about updating student information, utilizing student email, and understanding student rights (FERPA) is located here.

Make sure to include your student ID on any of the student update forms.

  • Updating Legal Name and/or Contact Information

    Personal information can be updated directly in Self-Service under your User Profile. There are options for Student Name Change or a Contact Information Update. You will be asked to upload supporting documentation for a name change, such as a marriage certificate, driver’s license or social security card.

    For more information about changing your personal information, contact the Solution Squad at or 314-529-9360.

    For detailed instructions, please click here.

  • Indicating a Chosen Name

    As a Maryville student, you may choose how you want your name to be displayed by indicating the name by which you want to be identified. Enrolled and current students may indicate a chosen name online through the Maryville Self-Service system. For more information click here.

  • Student E-Mail

    Your email address is your Go to to access your email.

    If you cannot access your email account, contact our Help Desk here.

    Your email account is very important form of communication at Maryville University. The Solution Squad sends information about student accounts, registration, and financial aid through official Maryville University email.


    Information regarding your academic record, student account, financial aid application or information, and other student records is protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, or FERPA, which gives current and former students specific rights concerning access and control of their education records as well as the right to challenge information believed to be inaccurate or misleading. As a student, you can grant others access to discuss and access information about your student account and/or records by providing the individual with Self-Service Proxy User access.