Chosen Name Information

At Maryville University, you can be you. As a Maryville student, you may choose how you want your name to be displayed by indicating the name by which you want to be identified.

A chosen name can be an important part of a person’s identity, and the University recognizes many members of our community may want to use a name which is different from their legal name. The University is committed to using the chosen first and/or middle names of individuals in our community wherever possible and appropriate, except where the use of the legal name is required by university business or legal need.

Maryville University defines “chosen name” as a first and/or middle name other than the one the student is known by legally, and which is the preferred name or name-in-use by which the student wishes to be identified.

Indicating a Chosen Name

Incoming Maryville students may indicate a chosen name on their application for admission. Enrolled and current students may indicate a chosen name online through the Maryville Self-Service system following these steps.

Legal Name Change

Indicating a chosen name is not a legal name change. In the event of a legal name change (first, middle, and/or last name) students should initiate an update to their legal name following these steps.

Display of Name

Maryville strives to provide a consistent chosen name experience across all university systems. Once the student provides a chosen name, the systems indicated below will reflect the change. Please note, due to integrations and other technical considerations, most systems will not be updated immediately; changes should reflect within up to 48 hours.

When Chosen and Legal Names Are Displayed

CHOSEN name will appear

LEGAL name will appear

Advisor/advisee list Billing statement
Canvas Degree verification
Class and grade roster Enrollment verification
Commencement program (based on name indicated on graduation application) eValue (clinical documentation site for Graduate Nursing programs)
Dean’s List Financial aid documents
Diploma (based on name indicated on graduation application) Immigration documents
Integrated Maryville systems, except where otherwise indicated –,, ADP, Corq, Get InvolvedMU, OneCard, etc. Maryville systems which are not integrated with the student information system (includes clinical documentation programs for Health Professions programs)
Internal correspondence, such as emails from University offices to you Official correspondence with external entities
Maryville student identification card Official and unofficial transcripts
Residence Life roster Paychecks
Student Account Suite/ePay
W2, 1098T, and other tax forms

University Issued Identification Cards

An individual’s chosen name may be listed on the Maryville University identification card. You should know ID cards are issued for the purpose of university business only, are not considered government-issued identification for purposes such as air travel.

The University currently issues mobile ID cards. If a chosen name has been indicated at the time the mobile ID is downloaded, it will reflect the chosen name. If a chosen name is indicated after the initial issuance of a mobile ID, an updated mobile ID can be downloaded on demand after a chosen name is entered.

Maryville Email Address & Username

Indicating a chosen name does not impact your Maryville email address or username. Changes to email address/username may be requested as a result of a legal name change (see information above). However, the display name associated with your account will reflect the chosen name.

For example, a student with the legal name of Cameron Smith has a username of csmith1, which is also the leading portion of the email address. The name displayed with the account and email reflects this student’s chosen name of Jordan Smith; the username remains csmith1.

Other Considerations

Maryville University reserves the right to deny or remove a chosen name for any reason, including but not limited to misuse, misrepresentation, attempting to avoid obligation, or inappropriate or offensive names.

Under FERPA, a student’s name, including chosen name, may be disclosed to the public as directory information unless the student opts not to permit such disclosure (i.e., FERPA Hold). To learn more about FERPA or how revoke the disclosure of directory information or learn more about FERPA, click here.