Social Awareness Organizations

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Abolish Barriers through Leadership and Empowerment: ABLE is an organization for students with and without disabilities to come together to promote awareness about disabilities. We will host events on campus and volunteer time off campus to help other organizations involved with disability in the community.

Community Service Club: Maryville’s Community Service Club performs service projects thoughout the year, both large and small. We do projects both on and off campus with students, faculty, and staff. We are always open to new project ideas and encourage input from all of our members.

EMPOWER: Our purpose is to provide knowledge and resources for those interested in the gender construct spectrum. We will provide students the opportunity to serve with non-profits that comply with our organization goals in the Greater St. Louis Area. We aim to provide an inclusive and diverse community of people who come together in order to better understand the differences between us and empower each other to make an impact in the world around us.

Global Medical Brigades: We work with licensed medical professionals and community health workers to provide comprehensive health services in rural communities with limited access to health care. Our current focus is mission trips to Honduras, Ghana, Nicaragua or Panama.

Green Maryville Student Association: The Green Maryville Student Association (GMSA) is a student organization within the Center for Sustainability. Students are committed to bring about sustainable changes at the University and beyond.

Health Educators Promoting Responsible Options: An organization of students promoting responsible choices and providing information on health topics concerning college students.

Maryville Kicks Cancer: Maryville Kicks Cancer became an organization in the spring of 2013. Our purpose as an organization is to plan a big fundraising event, that will take place in the spring of the year, to raise money for cancer research. In 2013 and 2014 we raised over $13,000 dollars and we hope to make the event bigger and better this year. We will be holding meetings and smaller fundraisers throughout the year. Look for updates on the Facebook page or the Org Sync page. We’d love to have you on our team!

Maryville University Gay Straight Alliance: MUGSA is first and foremost an alliance (hence the title Gay-Straight Alliance). We provide an open door for all students from every walk of life and are meant to be a support network for the LGBT community at Maryville. We also provide the Maryville student body with the education and opportunities to speak out about discrimination, in order to create tolerance on campus for a state of well-being that is optimal for our academic success!

Maryville University Love Your Melon Campus Crew: Love Your Melon is an apparel brand that gives a hat to every child battling cancer in America, funds childhood cancer research initiatives and provides immediate support for children and their families. This organization has different product releases online every so often at their website and we are ambassadors on campus to promote the cause and try to support children with cancer. For every beanie, scarf, mug, t-shirt, etc., that is sold on and is credited to “Maryville University” we get opportunities to visit local area hospitals, such as Children’s and Cardinal Glennon, and donate hats to the children there with cancer.

StepUP: Bystander intervention core team – plan, promote and implement programs to educate students on being an active bystander.

United States Green Building Council – Student Chapter: Our purpose is to 1) foster scientific study and research in the field of environmentally sustainable building and operation of buildings; 2) to develop and disseminate knowledge in sustainable building research and design; 3) to improve the methods and design of sustainable buildings; 4) to develop better public understanding and appreciation of the challenges and solutions posed by improved sustainable building practices and the sustainable operation of the existing buildings; 5) to promote understand, adoption, and use of environmentally sustainable design, construction, and building operation practices across the Maryville University community; and 6) to cultivate leadership skills among USBGC Students group members that will prepare them to champion sustainability on campus, in the community, and in their future careers.

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