Academic Student Organizations

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Actuarial Science Club: Actuarial Science Club is an organization for those students who are interested in Actuarial Science, particularly Actuarial Science majors at Maryville. We host programs and events that are beneficial to students such as networking opportunities, our own Career Fair, and social opportunities to get to know other students within the major.

AIGA: The Maryville University Chapter of AIGA, the National Professional Design Association.

American Criminal Justice Association – Lambda Alpha Epsilon: As the Xi Zeta Nu chapter at Maryville University, our objective is to reinforce the lessons learned in the classroom to help prepare Criminal Justice students for their future careers. The Greek letter “Lambda” is the first letter of the Greek word “Lambano” which means “to detect and apprehend”. “Alpha” is the first letter of the Greek word “Anakrinen” meaning “to adjudicate”. “Epsilon” is the first letter of the Greek word “Exorthoun” which translated means “to rehabilitate”. The three letters taken together are representative of the primary functions of criminal justice systems everywhere: to detect, to adjudicate, to rehabilitate.

American Society of Interior Designers/International Interior Design Association (ASID/IIDA): ASID/IIDA is Maryville’s Interior Design student chapter. We host events and tours to further enrich our design knowledge and relationships with each other and the design community.

Criminal Justice/Criminology Alliance: The CJCA is an organization that focuses on student involvement with the local community, as well as encompassing the law enforcement community.

Cyber Saints: This is the organization for students who are majoring/minoring in Cyber Security or who just have an interest in all things cyber!

Forensic Science Club: Interested in Forensic Science? Be sure to join today!

Latin Club: Anyone who is interested in Latin should join and learn about the language. The goal of this club is for those who may have already taken Latin and those who are just beginning to understand to come together in order to decipher the language.

Magnolia: Art and Literary Magazine: The purpose of this association is to give a creative voice to the Maryville community and to provide an opportunity for the sharing of our literary and artistic efforts.

Maryville Accounting Association: The Maryville Accounting Association is an organization with the purpose of providing those with an interest in accounting the opportunity to network and learn more about the profession.

Maryville Business Organization: Maryville Business Organization consists of students from the Maryville John E. Simon School of Business who take part in community involvement on the Maryville campus through support of community service projects, guest speakers from the business area and being a body of innovative individuals in business with entrepreneurial ideas.

Maryville Education Club: The Maryville Education Club, in order to promote the cause of education, promotes professional excellence among educators by focusing on the needs of children. Our goal, through community service, is to raise the awareness of the campus community in order to promote the importance of education.

Maryville Pre-Occupational Therapy: The Maryville Pre-OT club is for anyone who is interested in pursuing Occupational Therapy. It is a great way to meet people with similar interests, share ideas, learn more about OT, and have fun!

Maryville University Financial Management Association: We will assist in the professional, education, and social development of students interested in finance, banking, and investments. We will also encourage interaction between business executives, faculty, and students of business and finance.

Maryville University National Student Speech Language Hearing Association: NSSLHA is the national organization for undergraduate and graduate students interested in the study of normal and disordered human communication. Students pursuing academic study in the areas of communication sciences and disorders, speech-language pathology, and audiology.

Maryville University SHRM Student Chapter: This professional Chapter provides Maryville University students with the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight into the effective management of human capital in the field of Human Resource Management through the affiliation with the HRMA of Greater St. Louis and the SHRM organization. The Executive Council composed of active student members and Chapter Advisor are responsible for maintaining the Chapter and coordinating all its activities.

Maryville University Student American Rehabilitation Counseling Association: We are dedicated to promoting the rights of individuals with disabilities and striving to decrease stigma in our community. Inclusion. Voice. Choice.

Maryville University Student Occupational Therapy Association: MUSOTA is an organization for all occupational therapy students. OT students are encouraged to join to build relationship, get involved in the community, participate in fun activities, and advocate for the profession.

Maryville University Undergraduate Research Club: MUURC is an organization promoting and encouraging undergraduate research in all disciplines.

Music Therapy Student Association: The Maryville Music Therapy Student Association is a student based organization made up of all Music Therapy majors. Music Therapy is the clinical and evidence-based use of music interventions to accomplish individualized goals within a therapeutic relationship by a credentialed professional who has completed an approved music therapy program. The primary goals as a student organization are to: raise awareness of music therapy to our community and school; raise money for charities; and send students to American Music Therapy Association (AMTA) Regional and National Conferences.

Physical Therapy Club: The primary purpose of the club is to serve the interests and foster a spirit of unity among Maryville University Physical Therapy students. We have various events hoping to spread the word about physical therapy and make the community more aware of health & wellness, as well as events within our group.

Pre-Health Society: The purpose of this organization shall be as (1) a source of information, support, and guidance for all students studying in any medical field wit the intent to receive a M.D. or an equivalent degree; (2) to aid in preparation for the MCAT, OAT, DAT, etc.; and (3) to prepare students for the application and interviewing process for medical school.

Psychology, Organizational Leadership, Sociology Exchange/ Psi Chi: POLSE is the Psychology, Organizational Leadership, and Sociology Exchange. Psi Chi is the International Honor Society in Psychology, founded in 1929 for the purposes of encouraging, stimulating, and maintaining excellence in scholarship, and advancing the science of psychology.

Rawlings Sport Business Management Club: The Rawlings Sport Business Management Club is open to all members of the Rawlings Sport Business Management program. This club will meet a few times a month and will help further the club members in their academic careers at Maryville University, and better prepare students for their careers once they graduate.

Social Science Research Organization: This organization has three main goals: learn about new research and why it is important for use as students, a place where students can share their research projects or projects they hope to do, and a place to facilitate excitement and raise money for research endeavors.

Society of Photographers: This is a club for Maryville’s studio art and photography majors/minors and others who have an interest in photography. We will meet monthly at different interesting photography locations around St. Louis, visit artists’ studios, and discuss work and internship opportunities.

Student Nurses Association: The Student Nurses Association fosters the professional development of future nurses by providing education resources and career guidance.

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