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Q: What is needed to start the process so I can use VA education benefits at Maryville?

A: First we will need a Certificate of Eligibility(COE) from the VA. If you do not have one you can call the VA at 800.827.1000.

Q: If I am using Chapter 33 Post 9/11 G.I. Bill® how do I get my books?
A: Your book stipend will come in your first monthly housing stipend. The student should purchase books on their own and then will be reimbursed by the VA.

Q: Am I able to get financial aid and use a VA education benefit?
A: Yes, the financial aid will post first to your account. Once Maryville receives the payment from the VA then a reimbursement will be issued if there is an overage on your account.

Q: Who is the Veteran Services Coordinator?
A: Thomas Wolff is the Veteran Services Coordinator at Maryville University. They handle the VA education benefit certifications and the point staff for veterans on campus and online for all question with VA related issues. The best way to contact him is through email at twolff1@maryville.edu.

Q: Who should I contact about general questions after my VA certification has been submitted? Such as questions about my monthly stipend.
A: You can call the VA education benefits line at 888.442.4551 or you can go online to www.vets.gov

Q: Can I use more than one VA benefit at a time?
A: You cannot use more than one chapter benefit at a time.

Q: How are my VA benefits affected if I drop classes, fail classes, or withdraw from the semester?
A: If a student reduces their hours or withdraws completely the student should notify the Veteran Services Coordinator right away. If there is a reduction in hours after the certification has been submitted to the VA there will be a debt in the student’s name through the VA. If there is a complete withdraw of all classes during the drop period or before the semester there will not be a debt created. Before taking action the student is recommended to talk with the Veteran Services Coordinator to talk through all possible scenarios.

Q: How does my eligibility percentage affect how much funding I will receive from the VA for my G.I. Bill® benefits?
A: The VA will pay the amount of benefits equal to your eligibility percentage, which can be found on your COE. For example, a student with a 60% eligibility percentage will have 60% of their tuition-and-fees paid for, and, if eligible, will receive 60% of the BAH and yearly book stipend amounts.

Q: How can I make sure that my account stays in good standing while Maryville University waits to get payment and I don’t get any late fees on my account?
A: You should talk to the Veteran Service Specialist about enrolling in the VA deferment plan. This will keep your account in good standing until the end of the semester. You will need to sign up for the VA deferment plan each semester, you will not be auto enrolled.

Q: Can I take any class I want while at Maryville University?
A: The VA will only pay for courses that go toward your degree or certificate or is a requirement for admittance to a degree-seeking program.