Freshmen Student Admissions for Maryville University

Freshmen Students

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    HANNA SEITTER, PHYSICAL THERAPY STUDENT: For me, applying to Maryville was super easy. I called and made a visit. I got to meet with my Admissions Counselor. She let me know about my academic program, and in a few weeks I knew whether I was coming to Maryville or not.

    NIA MORGAN, PSYCHOLOGY AND SOCIOLOGY STUDENT: I’ve really learned over the years that the people here are really nice, and they’re all about family and making sure that we feel comfortable as students here.

    CHRISTIAN LOGES, FINANCIAL SERVICES STUDENT: I was welcomed at the very beginning. Everybody helps you move in, it’s, it’s great. They get you settled with your books, your campus ID card, your parking pass, everything. It was very helpful, and there was an abundance of people and students to help you out, I loved it.

    JOHNATHON GRAY, PRE-OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY STUDENT: I’m part of the Multicultural Scholars Program, so I got an email through them, and they said I got accepted for the scholarship. So, I told my parents. I told family, friends, everybody, and they were just very excited.

    MORGAN: They, like, made me feel super welcome, like, all the time, whenever I would talk with them over the phone, through email, or in person.

    GRAY: To this day, they all know my name so it’s definitely kind of exciting. It’s not a big campus where I’m just a number.

    LOGES: So if you’re an incoming student, you’re gonna find that group of friends, you’re gonna find a niche, you’re gonna find an organization on campus, you’re gonna find a club, you’re gonna find a program, that you’re just gonna fall in love with.

    You’re gonna fall in love with the university. You’re gonna have these friends for a lifetime.

    SEITTER: I love the campus here, and then from there, I’m feeling comfortable on campus and finding out that it was a small feel, and coming from a small town, this is exactly what I needed to be successful academically.

    MORGAN: If you’re a freshman coming to Maryville, one thing you can expect is, don’t be so stressed about making friends cause everybody here’s really friendly, and will help for you to have a great freshman year.

Whether you’re a new, incoming freshman or a transfer student with credits from another school, the admissions process at Maryville is easy to understand. If you know what program you’d like to study, check to see if there are any special requirements for admission.

To explore Maryville’s many programs of study visit our Academics section or our online degree programs.