Faculty Learning

Faculty Learning

faculty learning with vr equipment

2017/18 Faculty Learning at Maryville

Teaching Triads

Each fall, Teaching Triads are formed combining new faculty and experienced Maryville faculty with the goal of learning more about ourselves through reflective practices, learning more about our students through, and to learn more about our teaching through observations and sharing with one another.

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Real Week

Real (Relating, Experiencing, Applying, Learning) is a five-day professional development event held in the fall prior to the start of classes.

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Our Maryville Digital Methods Club meets monthly to discuss the latest in technology and how to incorporate it into the classroom.

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CTL Book Corner

Dr. Mary Ellen Finch (of the Finch Center for Teaching and Learning) chooses great reads each semester that foster community, engagement, and growth in line with Marvyille values.

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Teaching and Learning Colleagues (TLC)

TLC members are resources and mentors to other faculty members who desire support in developing the best possible learning environments for their students.

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Perspectives Week 2018 features group workshops, presentations and more.

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SoTL Group

Each Spring since 2005, Maryville University faculty have been invited to volunteer to participate in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Seminar for the purpose of studying their own teaching. It is up to a two year commitment that brings together an interdisciplinary group of faculty interested in examining and documenting their teaching and student learning.

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Summer Teaching Innovation Grant Application 2018

Do you have an exciting idea related to your teaching? Something new that you’d like to try? A plan to demonstrate and share what you can do? Then please consider applying for a Center for Teaching a Learning Innovation grant.

Recipients will receive their funds after submitting a summary (not to exceed 1,000 words) of their summer work and commitment to a Center for Teaching and Learning activity.

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