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CTL Book Corner

The CTL book corner was created by and is facilitated by former Maryville Vice President of Academic Affairs, and current Senior Associate of the Finch Center for Teaching and Learning, Mary Ellen Finch. As a passionate anti-racist, Mary Ellen has made it her charge to expose as many in our community to the truths of white fragility. Since 2016, the following books have been featured:

Year Book Participants
2016 Waking Up White* 20
2017/2018 Tears We Cannot Stop* 84
2017 Small Great Things 40
2018 White Fragility* 40
2019/2020 Color of Law* 40
2019/2020 Biased* 40


*Denotes that these books are listed in the Experience the A.R.T. White People Read: Reading List. “The intention of this reading list is to invite white-identifying individuals to recognize and challenge their place within structures of white dominance” (Experience the A.R.T (2019) https://americanrepertorytheater.org/white-people-read-reading-list/).
Staff and faculty are welcome to join the book clubs further encouraging inclusion. Destiny Reddick, Assistant Dean of the School of Education, has been co-leading the book clubs since 2017. Destiny is also the recipient of the 2019 President’s Award for Strategic Leadership in Diversity and Inclusion.

Those who participated in the Tears We Cannot Stop book group were surveyed.

  • 20% of participants said the book and discussion made them feel empowered
  • 34% said they were inspired to make personal and professional changes
  • 32% said they now have a renewed commitment to Diversity and Inclusion initiatives.
  • To learn more about the Center for Teaching and Learning faculty Diversity and Inclusion outcomes, click here.