Online Students

Studying Online? Take Advantage of Maryville’s Virtual Resources!

If you are an online student and in need of urgent mental health assistance, you may utilize the Counseling Center Support Line by calling 314-529-6630 anytime (day, night, weekends, holidays, ANYTIME!) to reach a member of the Counseling Center Support Team.

The Counseling Center offers many resources that can be utilized remotely.

Take some time to explore the Virtual Relaxation Room for access to audio relaxation and meditation exercises, information on wellness apps, music playlists, and links to numerous relaxing YouTube links. The Counseling Center has also developed a four-part online workshop series called Stress Management 101. You can view these videos here.

Take advantage of the numerous online screenings and quizzes available. Specifically, try out Ulifeline, an anonymous, confidential, online resources center, where you can be comfortable searching for the information you need regarding emotional health.

Access mental health information from a wide variety of resources.

Receive free online suicide prevention training at

For individual in-person counseling services, contact your insurance provider for referrals or ask your employer if they provide an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

*** If you or someone you know is experiencing a potentially life-threatening crisis, please immediately contact the police at 911.



National Suicide Prevention Lifeline:


Veteran’s Suicide Prevention Hotline: 

1-800-273-Talk (Veterans Press One)

Kids Under Twenty-One Crisis Helpline: