Multicultural Scholarships

multicultural scholarship award winners at Maryville


The mission of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion is to encourage and guide individuals of every race, gender, and unique background through their higher education. Students involved with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion transition from high school to college and on to graduation with meaningful cultural programs. Our mission is to find ways for students to gain relevant experience and understanding of the world around them by first seeking the needs, interests and potential within themselves. This is accomplished through campus programs and workshops that engage these individuals on a critical and substantial level.


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Develop Students Holistically

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Enhance Leadership Potential

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Participate in Mentoring Opportunities

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Promote Inclusive Campus

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Support Mission of Office of Diversity & Inclusion


Gain An Awareness of Social Membership Groups

Explain How Social Membership Groups Impact Interactions With Others


Learning Outcomes

Students that participate in the Multicultural Scholars Program will gain awareness of their social membership groups, talents, and strengths, and articulate how this awareness assist them with interacting with others. Scholars will also be able to recognize the customs and traditions of their peers and examine their own beliefs in relation to their peers. Lastly, scholars will obtain the necessary skills to engage and participate in difficult conversations and illustrate their training in the program by becoming a peer educator and developing workshops around social justice, diversity, and inclusion and delivering them to the Maryville University community.

Recognize Various Cultural Customs and Traditions

Personal & Professional Growth and Development

Examine Personal Values and Belief in Relations to Peers


Scholarship Requirements

  • Maintain a 2.5 grade point average or higher
  • Meet with Program Coordinator as deemed necessary
  • Adhere to Maryville University Student Code of Conduct
  • Enroll and pass Multicultural Scholars Courses each semester
  • Complete and submit mid-term progress report each semester due
  • Participate in MSP Mentor Program and complete associated assignments and training
  • Attend the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Welcome Event
  • Attend the Office of Diversity and Inclusion Recognition Reception
  • Attend two programs sponsored by the Office of Diversity and Inclusion each semester
  • Attend and participate in University Scholars Weekend every year

Peer Educators Educate the Community

Develop Skills to Have Difficult Conversations


Scholarship Opportunities

  • Multicultural Scholarship

    Up to full tuition, room & board
    • Demonstrate solid high school academic preparation
    • Leadership qualities
    • Commitment to actively contribute to building an inclusive campus culture at Maryville