Student Organization Handbook

The Student Organization Handbook has been converted into an iBook and can be found on your Maryville University iPad. It can be found through the iBooks app. or click here to view a pdf.

Student Organization Resources

Movie Contact Sheet


WHAM Boards General Posting Bulletin Board Locations

Icebreakers and Team Builders

26 Ways To Build A Committee Team

Boundary Breaking Exercise

Icebreakers Team Builders

Planning Structured Group Activities Worksheet

Fundraiser Contacts

This is a list of vendors Maryville University has worked with on behalf of student organizations in the past. Student Organizations are encouraged to utilize the vendors listed within if they don’t know another vendor. You can also find fundraising opportunities that have been made available to our student organizations!

Organization Phone Number Website
California Pizza Kitchen
Smoothie King 314.993.0358
Five Guys 314.997.6700
Jason’s Deli 636.536.6868
Panda Express 636.536.6680
Jet’s Pizza 636.778.1050
Chick-Fil-A 303.845.0899
Krispy Kreme
Levy Restaurants 314.589.5391
Firehouse Subs 314.799.1275
Panera Bread 314.878.7373
Qdoba 636.527.6375

Helpful Links

Group Activities, Games, Exercises, and Initiatives

Icebreakers and Group Games

Physical Plant Work Order System