Over the past several decades, a growing arsenal of techniques and technologies has helped scientists dissect the innermost secrets of the cell. New approaches are used to produce vast amounts of once-rare drugs, trace the path of evolution, create instant tests for a host of illnesses, warn parents when their children might inherit a deadly disease and identify criminals and victims of disasters. The catalyst for these accomplishments? Biochemistry.

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In the Lab

About the Biochemistry Program

By studying what happens at the intersection of biology and chemistry, you’ll have a distinct advantage when you enter this revolutionary field.

Program Features

Every one of Maryville’s classes and laboratory sections are small in size, which will foster your relationship with faculty and will make sure you have an in-depth understanding of Biochemistry. Faculty members in the biological and chemical sciences work closely in cooperation to deliver a cohesive, interdisciplinary education.

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Career Opportunities

Maryville’s Biochemistry program serves as a prelude to professional academic programs and careers in general or specialized fields such as research, veterinary care, dietetics, forensics, health professions and pharmacology.

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