How to Help A Friend

If you’re worried about a friend, it’s okay to express your concerns to him/her in a caring and supportive way. This can be difficult and sometimes it is hard to know how to approach your friend and what to say. You may be overwhelmed and exhausted from the stress of supporting your friend. We are glad you are seeking help for your friend, and also for yourself.

Being a good friend might involve stepping beyond the usual boundaries of your friendship. It may mean having a more serious conversation than you are used to having. It might mean saying things that you know your friend does not want to hear and may resent. Even if it risks your friendship, it still may be the right thing to do.

Some general tips for talking to a friend about your concerns:

Other Resources

“Ask, Listen, Refer”: Maryville University’s Suicide Prevention Training Program  

ULifeline (an anonymous, confidential, online mental health assessment)