Health Requirements & Forms

All new students attending class on campus must complete the Risk Assessment for Tuberculosis as required by state law. This can be accessed through the Maryville University Health Portal: If the screening indicates that you are at high risk for tuberculosis exposure, you will need to consult with the Health and Wellness Office.
All students living on campus must submit documentation of the following immunizations through the Health Portal:
MMR: Two doses at age 12 months or older.
Meningitis ACWY (Menactra or Menveo): One dose at age 16 or older.
TDap: One dose in the last 10 years.
Varicella: Two doses or evidence of the disease.
We recommend discussing the meningitis B vaccine with your health care provider. We also strongly recommend students obtain other routine, childhood immunizations. Athletes and health professions students may have additional requirements for their programs, however the above records must still be submitted through the Health Portal.