Health Requirements & Forms

Welcome to Maryville University!

The Health and Wellness office wishes to help you stay well during your academic career and beyond.

To that end – All new in-seat students must complete the Risk Assessment for Tuberculosis as required by state law (online students excluded) and If you live on campus or are a student-athlete – submit immunization information.

Our new and improved method for you to submit your health information will give you access to your own health information whenever you need it. All students may use this portal.

Go to – Login in using your Maryville user name and password.


• Go to Forms: Tuberculosis Screening and Targeted Testing Answer the 7 questions – if all are NO then that is all that is required for the targeted screening.
• Answer the Patient Health Information
• If you are living on campus or a student-athlete you will upload and indicate the dates of your immunizations
– First – gather your immunization information and save it as a pdf or jpeg on the device you will use to complete your immunization information.


• Go to IMMUNIZATIONS at the top of the page
– Input immunization dates and
– Upload the official documentation from your doctor, high school or other health care providers so that we can verify the vaccinations.

If you have any questions, please contact the Health and Wellness Office.