Each room has cable TV service, including extended basic cable and two premium channels (HBO and Showtime). Students supply their own coaxial cable to connect from the cable jack to a television. (Suggestion: Purchase a coaxial cable with screw-on connects as other connectors allow too much signal degradation.)

All residential living spaces are wireless-equipped. Each residence hall room and apartment bedroom have one Ethernet 100 Base T network connection that allows students to connect to e-mail, the Internet and all computer lab applications.

Free laundry facilities are available to students in both the residence halls and apartments.

Mouton Hall has a community kitchen on the ground floor stocked with appliances, pots and pans, and various utensils. Students are encouraged to utilize this space, but are responsible for cleaning the area after each use. Cookie and T.R. Jr. Potter Hall does not have a community kitchen, but is equipped with a beverage station (coffee, tea, hot chocolate), a popcorn machine, microwave, and toaster oven for the student’s convenience.

Parking is free on campus with a valid Maryville parking permit. Parking permits can be picked up from the Public Safety office.