Public Safety Officers are available 24 hours a day to provide escort service to and from any location on the Maryville campus.  Please be patient when calling as officers may be busy handling other calls. All escorts provided will be a “walking” escort. No rides/escorts in a public safety vehicle will be provided

Identification Cards

All faculty, staff, and students are required to have a University issued identification card.  To get your ID card, please stop by the Office of Public Safety during normal business hours. The first ID card is free but replacement ID cards will cost $25 dollars.  If your ID card is lost or stolen, please contact Public Safety right away at extension 9500.

Jump Starts

Officers will assist stranded motorist on the Maryville campus.  In most instances, officers will provide a jumpstart for vehicles that do not start.  However, with the new computer and diagnostic equipment in newer vehicles, officers may not be able to provide the service.  If the officers can not provide the service they will assist the motorist in helping locate a local service provider that will help them.

Keys Locked in Your Vehicle

If you lock your keys in your vehicle, public safety officers will assist you in locating a local service provider that will assist you in getting your keys out of your vehicle.

Locked Out – Residence Halls

If you are locked out of your room, please contact the Office of Residential Life for assistance or the RA on duty.  Public Safety Officers do not provide lock out service for the residential halls.

Public Safety Officers Do NOT change tires