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For use whether you’re on campus or not.

Saints Alert Apple Store App


Saints Alert Apple Store App

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Saints Alert App on cell phone

■ Get notified when emergencies impact class.
■ Be in the know with real time weather alerts.
■ Tap one button to link to Public Safety.
■ Create a network of “Guardians” – friends, roommates, or family you can notify when leaving one location and heading to another.
■ Send Maryville Public Safety tips on suspicious activity right from the mobile app.
■ Tap to dial 911 near you.

    Saints Alert FAQ

  • Why are we upgrading the Saints Alert system?

    Just as technology has evolved across all areas of our lives, the technological solution for emergency notifications has improved and changed. Maryville researched several options and feels that combining the Saints Guardian mobile safety app and Saints Alert provides the very best communications platform for the Maryville campus and community.

    The Saints Guardian app also gives you another tool to take ownership of your personal safety.

  • Why should I download the Saints Guardian app?

    The Saints Guardian app is a state-of-the-art safety app that allows you to turn your cell phone into a safety device. It works on any mobile phone running on any US-based mobile carrier network. Click here to download on iOS devices and click here to download on Android devices. Once downloaded, you will be connected directly to Saints Guardian.

    The app provides you with quick access to various safety tools from your phone or mobile device so you may:

    • Select Guardians, such as room mates, friends and family members, to check in on you when you are alone or in an unfamiliar place. Your Guardians can “virtually” walk with you on or off campus.
    • Set-up a Safety Timer with a location and expected arrival time. If you don’t arrive on time your Guardians are notified to check in on you.
    • Send anonymous tips about suspicious activity to Maryville Public Safety using text and images.
    • Receive emergency notifications from Maryville Public Safety via Saints Alert in the app.
    • Use an Emergency Call Button to connect with your local emergency dispatch location. Your GPS location is provided so emergency personnel can reach you faster.
    • Create a Safety Profile and add important information emergency responders need to know – things like medical conditions, allergies, disabilities and more.
    • Receive real time information from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on dangerous weather specific to the Maryville campus – if there is a dangerous storm (tornado, high winds, hail, etc.) near Maryville, you will receive a Saints Alert with pertinent information.

    Once you’ve signed in, the new system will allow you to add additional phone and email addresses (friends, family, parents, business contacts contacts).

  • Will I be automatically be registered in Saints Alert?

    Yes. All students, faculty and staff are automatically enrolled in Saints Alert and will receive emergency notifications unless you opt out. We encourage you to stay enrolled in Saints Alert for several months so you can determine its benefits to your safety.

    Please verify your preferred phone number and email address inside the app or when you visit Saints Alert and log in using your Maryville username and password. Please note: updating this information in Saints Alert does not update your permanent record in the Maryville University system. (If you need to update your University record, please contact the Student Service Center at 314-529-9360 or by emailing

  • If I don’t download the app will I still get Saints Alert safety

    Yes, you will still receive Saints Alert notifications. To manage your Saints Alert account and communication options, click here and log into your account using your Maryville University username and password.  
  • I’m an online student. Is there any benefit to me if I download the app and get regular announcements?
    Yes. The Saints Guardian mobile app has several safety functions available to online students no matter where you live that could be beneficial to your general safety. The safety tips on the app will provide general information on ways to manage your own safety. The Saints Guardian app features will also work for you and your network of friends and family, and the 911 button on the app will automatically link to the dispatcher for first responders located in the geographical location of your device, not the one closest to Maryville’s campus.

    Additionally, you are an important part of our Maryville community no matter where you’re taking classes! Events that impact the University’s business operation could affect you, too. For example, many of our online faculty are located on Maryville’s campus as well as numerous staff who provide you with administrative services. If there is a

  • What is Rave?
    The Saints Alert system manufacturer, Rave Mobile, provides the capability of delivering messages to your University and personal email addresses, as well as your landline and cell phone. 

    The University is providing the Saints Alert service free of charge to all members of the Maryville University community; however, please note that your cellular phone provider may charge a per-text message fee for the delivery of emergency notifications to your phone.



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Saints Alert Apple Store App

Saints Alert Apple Store App