Campus Safety Programs

Community Emergency Response Team Training (CERT)

Participants will learn life saving skills such as fire suppression, patient evaluation, and light search and rescue techniques.  The class meets for seven weeks and is taught by certified instructors from the MU public safety department and area law enforcement and fire agencies. The last class is a disaster drill in which all the participants use the skills they learn in the class. Article on recent CERT class at Maryville.

Emergency Blue Light Phones

Maryville University has 28 emergency blue light phones on campus.  These phones will automatically dial public safety when you push the red emergency button.  The strobe light will then activate when an emergency call is made.  Another feature with the phones is the ability to communicate your location when the call is answered even if the caller is unable to speak. For a location of our emergency blue light phones on campus, please refer to the Blue Light Phone Map.

Date Rape Drugs

This is a short presentation about the dangers of “date rape” drugs.  The class will cover the different types of date rape drugs, the history of these drugs, video documentary on the harmful effects of these drugs, and what a person should do if they think they have been a victim of a “date rape” drug assault.

Operation ID

Protect your property in a way that helps ensure its return by participating in Operation ID. Please contact Public Safety to make an appointment to have your property engraved with a personal identifier (i.e. license number, social security number, name, etc.). This is ideal for those who bring computers, stereos, walkmans, etc., to campus. As an additional service, you can complete an owner’s identification form and keep it on file in the Public Safety Office.

R.A.D. Rape Aggression Defense (self defense class for women only)

This is an intensive 12 hour program that begins with an introduction about crime safety, date rape drugs, sexual assault prevention and concludes with a dynamic simulation where all the participants in the class complete 3 different simulations where they must use the self defense techniques taught in the class to escape.

Safety on Campus

Learn different facets of campus safety that will assist you not only in college but also in the “real world”. Learn basic crime prevention tips, know where to find security/safety resources, what things you should do after a crime has occurred and where to find support to assist you in your recovery.

Safety While in the City

This presentation will focus on safety issues that may be helpful when you are off campus and traveling to downtown Saint Louis. This program will help educate you on community safety while enjoying all the great activities the Saint Louis area has to offer.

Whistle Program

This program provides a high-quality brass whistle free of charge to students and employees. Those participating in the program are asked to carry their whistles with them at all times and to blow the whistle if they feel threatened or get attacked by another person. Others who hear the whistle are instructed to go to the nearest emergency phone and call Public Safety immediately. Persons blowing the whistle under any other conditions than those specified above will be referred to the Office of Student Life for disciplinary proceedings.

These are just a few of the programs the Department of Public Safety offers to the Maryville community. Other programs can be developed per your request i.e. drug recognition, workplace violence, safety at home, etc.  Please contact the Director of Public Safety at extension 9564 to schedule a class or if you need more information about any of these programs.