Maryville Mission and Vision


Maryville University is one of the outstanding private universities in the Midwest offering an innovative liberal arts education leading to excellent academic and professional programs in the Arts and Sciences, Health Professions, Education and Business that prepare students for a life of engagement and achievement in multiple fields of endeavor.

Consistent with this mission, Maryville University is committed to achieving the following goals:

  • Provide a learning environment where teaching and mentoring students is at the center of everything that we do.
  • Provide an innovative liberal arts foundation for all of our students.
  • Provide selective and cutting edge programs in the Arts and Sciences, Health Professions, Education and Business that lead to successful student outcomes.
  • Reflect the cultural diversity of the global community and build inclusiveness and global awareness through intentional programming.
  • Make the values of innovative leadership, civic engagement, and sustainability prominent aspects of the student experience.
  • Maintain a vibrant campus community through outstanding athletics, cultural events, and intellectual exploration.
  • Maintain a collegial environment embracing the values of academic freedom, fiscal responsibility and participatory university governance.
  • Provide our students in the St. Louis region with living-learning experiences that serve the needs of a diverse community.
  • Provide comprehensive and accessible academic programs for non-traditional adults that help them adapt to a changing workforce and meet their career goals.
  • Provide a community where civil discourse and mutual respect are values and actions shared by all.


Maryville will be the innovative leader in higher education promoting a revolution in student learning that expands access and opportunities for all.