Faculty Policies

Academic Integrity (Formerly Section 2.16)
Adjunct Faculty Members (Formerly Section 2.1.4)
Assessments (Formerly Section 2.5)
Criteria for Appointment to Specific Ranked Faculty Status (Formerly Section 2.1.2)
Definition of Faculty, Faculty Rank, and Faculty Titles (Formerly Section 2.2)
Faculty Compensation Policies (Formerly Section 2.14)
Faculty Development (Formerly Section 2.10)
Faculty Leaves (Formerly Section 2.13)
Faculty Personnel Records (Formerly Section 2.4)
Grants and Contracts (Formerly Section 9.1)
General Statement (Formerly Section 2.0)
Grievance Procedure (Formerly Section 2.15)
Guidelines for Search, Appointment and Orientation of Faculty (Formerly Section 2.3)
Institutional Policies Pertaining to Faculty Working Conditions (Formerly Section 2.12)
Professional Librarians (Formerly Section 2.1.3)
Promotion Policies and Procedures (Formerly Section 2.6)
Revision Process for Faculty Policies (Formerly Section 2.17)
Separation (Formerly Section 2.8)
Special Appointment Faculty (Formerly Section 2.1.5)
Tenure Policy and Procedures (Formerly Section 2.7)
The Faculty’s Obligations, Rights, Academic Freedom, and Code of Ethics (Formerly Section 2.9)
Types of Contracts, Definitions and Contract Policies (Formerly Section 2.2)
Workload (Formerly Section 2.11)
General Rules Regarding Standing Committees of the Faculty