WCHP Vision & Mission Statements

Maryville University Strategic Plan

All academic units support the Maryville University Mission and Strategic Vision by acting on the academic elements of the annual action plan.

Maryville University Mission

Maryville University is an outstanding national university offering a comprehensive and innovative education focused on student learning, outcomes and success.  This education is built upon an innovative liberal arts foundation leading to compelling programs in the Arts and Sciences, Health Professions, Education and Business that prepare students for a life of engagement and achievement in multiple fields of endeavor.

Myrtle E and Earl E Walker College of Health Professions Mission

The Walker College of Health Professions will educate the next generation of competent, empathic, and reflective practitioners to promote the highest level of health.

Maryville University Strategic Vision

Maryville will be the innovative leader in higher education promoting a revolution in student learning that expands access and opportunities for all.

Myrtle E and Earl E Walker College of Health Professions Vision Statement

The Walker College of Health Professions will be the leader in healthcare education using appropriate technology and innovative pedagogy for teaching and experiential student learning.

Maryville University Strategic 2017-2018 Action Plan

Finalize all space plans related to living-learning-athletics and develop a sequencing strategy for development.

Implement the enrollment pipeline plan for 2018-2022.

Implement a structured young leaders team and develop delivery plan.

Articulate diversity and inclusion goals for 2017-2020.

Design and plan a build-out of a welcome center.

Finalize phases 2 –3 of Salesforce and train all faculty and staff by summer 2018.

Build our cultural traits into onboarding employee training at all levels.

Restructure and reorganize each division according to growth and future plans.

Continue to implement active learning pedagogy to achieve 80% of all courses and programs