Clinical Experiences

At the graduate level, students begin providing direct services to clients under the supervision of a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist. Typically, a graduate student will have his or her first client experience on-campus in the Maryville University Speech and Language Clinic. Depending upon student skills and client availability, additional practicum experiences may include the Walker Scottish Rite Clinic for Childhood Language Disorders, also housed in Walker Hall, or with a variety of medical and educational partners in the community. In every case, graduate student clinicians will be closely supervised by ASHA certified speech-language pathologists.

Clients select one of Maryville’s two clinics when looking for speech, language, voice, cognitive and swallowing therapy because:

  • The Speech-Language Pathology program is focused on educating and training the best possible future speech-language pathologists, so the quality of care a patient is likely to receive is often cutting-edge.
  • All services are provided free of charge. This is especially helpful for those who have no insurance, those whose insurance benefits have been exhausted, and those who cannot afford co-pays customarily found in public therapy and rehabilitation clinics.