Mission, Vision, and Philosopy


The mission of the nursing program at Maryville University is educating students for a variety of nursing roles in the 21st century. Consistent with the mission of the University and the School of Health Professions, the nursing curriculum reflects a commitment to the integration of theory, research, evidence-based practice, and ethical/legal responsibility in caring for a diverse population.


The nursing program at Maryville University will be a model of excellence dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge through teaching and mentoring.


The Maryville Nursing faculty uphold the philosophy and mission of the University and the School of Health Professions. The nursing program provides an intellectual environment that fosters academic freedom and integration of liberal arts into the nursing program. Integration of the liberal arts into the nursing program provides students with the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary for critical and independent thought, cultural competence, global awareness, ethical leadership and civic engagement. The faculty acknowledge the need for a broad based baccalaureate education, grounded in the arts and sciences as the foundation for entry into the profession. Graduate education builds upon this foundation while providing an opportunity for depth of study.

Faculty believe caring is the foundation of nursing practice. Care for the profession and the public it serves demands an insistence on academic integrity and safe practice. Faculty create a environment in which learning is enhanced and personal growth is fostered. Students learn to embrace the discipline of nursing through rigorous study and professional behavior. Students, faculty, administrators, and staff are expected to contribute to creating a learning community energized by scientific curiosity, scholarship and mutual respect.
Faculty believe this kind of collaborative, student centered effort contributes to an atmosphere of cooperative and participatory learning which encourages critical thinking, community partnerships, and commitment to life-long learning.

Nursing is a discipline and profession dedicated to the promotion and restoration of health, the prevention of illness and the facilitation of coping with disability and end of life. As a profession, nursing serves individuals, families, groups, and communities. As a discipline, nursing is responsible for the development of its science and contributing to the body of knowledge by incorporating practice, theory, and research.

Faculty believe that nursing education provides students the opportunity to acquire requisite knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to respond to changing healthcare environments and modes of healthcare delivery. Clinical education allows for the connections between theoretical knowledge and the application of this knowledge by using problem solving and critical thinking. Clinical education allows students to apply knowledge, practice the understanding of theory, develop perceptual awareness, develop psychomotor-technological skills, and refine professional values.

Faculty also believe that nursing education fosters the development of thoughtful, reflective and socially responsible practitioners. We believe that students have a responsibility to take an active role in their education and pursuit of knowledge. Faculty have a responsibility to design and implement curricula that prepare students capable of addressing the political, ethical and social implications inherent to an increasingly complex healthcare system.

We believe that nursing education is a collaborative effort and that relationships among students, faculty, staff and administrators provide the culture in which learning occurs. The faculty honors these relationships and is committed to basing them on mutual respect, sensitivity to diversity and compassion for all. We believe that the contributions of nursing and nursing education have a fundamental impact on healthcare. As stewards of public well-being, the faculty of the nursing program at Maryville University is committed to excellence in education, practice, scholarship and service.