Program Goals

The Maryville University Physical Therapy program has adopted seven program goals. The program is designed to integrate the liberal arts pre-professional education into the professional curriculum and to assure that students graduate as physical therapists. It is the intent of the faculty to develop generalist clinicians who will use knowledge in the foundational and clinical sciences to provide safe, compassionate physical therapy services in a variety of settings throughout the lifespan. Upon graduation, the generalist clinician will achieve all curriculum goals.

The program prepares graduates who are:

  • Reflective practitioners who will critically evaluate and improve the effectiveness of their practice in the light of personal experience and changing information derived from research.  He/she will integrate the five elements of patient/client management, which are: examination, evaluation, diagnosis, prognosis and intervention to enhance outcomes
  • Professionals who will serve their profession, work within the health care system, and serve society through support and improvement of the profession of physical therapy
  • Colleagues who will develop and maintain mutually respectful relationships with other members of the health care system
  • Educators who will provide effective teaching methods to meet the needs of the learner for a variety of audiences
  • Learners who will seek and expand knowledge for professional growth and development to help others
  • Administrators who will manage the resources necessary for providing physical therapy service
  • Alumni who will engage in and support the Physical Therapy Program at Maryville University