Outcomes – Initial Certification

These are the final outcomes for the preservice teachers of Maryville University. They stem from the School of Education’s mission and the knowledge of the preparation of teachers.

School and Society

1. The teacher candidate reflects on the roles that teachers and education play in a political and social democracy, and advances the moral and ethical purposes of schooling.

2. The teacher candidate understands that teachers, school, and school systems must advocate to meet the needs of all children and that, as a teacher, s/he should solicit and use the input of families and actively contribute to the school community.


3. The teacher candidate exhibits professionalism and is actively engaged in ongoing professional growth and development.

4. The teacher candidate expands his/her knowledge of how diverse students learn and develop and provides learning opportunities that support the intellectual, social, and personal growth of all students.

Curriculum and Instruction

5. The teacher candidate demonstrates an ability to appropriately use and reflect upon a variety of instructional models and strategies, including using technology.

6. The teacher candidate develops the ability to manage a safe, productive, classroom. He/she reflects upon, organizes, and teaches in ways that dignify student voice, model democratic practices, and motivate students to learn.

7. The teacher candidate shapes instruction in light of evidence from a variety of assessments that are aligned with learning goals. He/she includes appropriate feedback to students and families to positively impact learning.

8. The teacher candidate develops short- and long-term developmentally appropriate curriculum plans. These plans are based on students’ prior ideas and performances and correlate with district, state, and national standards.

9. The teacher candidate demonstrates a command of the academic disciplines, and plans and implements instruction that introduces learners to the ideas and ways of knowing appropriate to the discipline(s).


10. The teacher candidate continually improves her/his practice by systematically inquiring into her/his teaching and connecting those inquires to existing research.