So, you want to start a new organization?

So, you want to start a new organization?

Starting a student organization is both strongly encouraged and simple to do.  Below you’ll find everything you need to know and do to get your organization up and running!

Here are the things you would need before you apply to be a new student organization:

  • Find 4 current students who are interested in starting he organization
  • Have their Maryville email addresses on hand for the application
  • Of those 4 students identify who will be the President & Treasurer (these are the only two required student positions)
  • Find a Maryville Faculty or Staff member to be the Primary Advisor
  • Develop a Constitution and Bylaws for the organization
    Here is a sample constitution.

Once you have all these steps, have the designated student president follow the instructions to apply:

  • Log onto
  • Log in with your credentials
  • Click on “Organizations”
  • Click on “Register and Organization” scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Register a New Organization”

Follow the prompts in the application, upload the documents and submit the application. You should hear back from a staff member with in 7 days on a status update

Organization Members

You must have four members to start an organization, but there is no maximum number of participants. All organizations must be open to all Maryville students.

Organization Advisor

Each organization is required to have a Maryville faculty or staff member to serve as advisor. For more information regarding organization advisors, check the Student Organization Handbook.

Organization Application for Recognition

Every academic year, student organizations are required to re-register for consideration for recogition. The application outlines the organization’s purpose, officers, advisor and members. Re-Registration will occur each spring. Organizations need to keep their officers current and updated on GetInvolvedMU.

Student Organization Handbook

The Student Organization Handbook will be your most useful resource.

Get Trained

Before the new organization can complete the recognition process, the officers of the organization will need training on the policies for student organizations. Contact Erin Leigh McKain for more information on how to do this or, visit the Student Involvement Office or call (314) 529-9480.