Sport Entrepreneurship — Concentration

A Sport Entrepreneurship concentration is offered through the Rawlings Sport Business Management program. The concentration features internships and practical experience in partnership with Stadia Ventures, a St. Louis-based incubator and investment firm for local sports startup companies.

Stadia Ventures works with entrepreneurs, industry partners, and investors in the sports industry. Maryville courses are taught by company co-founder Art Chou, who previously served as senior vice president of product for Rawlings, head of golf club research and development at Titleist, and technical editor for Golf Digest. Chou helped launch Maryville’s Rawlings Sport Business Management program.

The Sport Entrepreneurship concentration is valuable because courses are tied to a company engaged with innovative sports businesses, giving students excellent access to the industry and a front row seat to new product development. Students learn alongside professionals who work on a daily basis with sports company start-ups.

Four courses complete the concentration:

Introduction to Sport Innovation

  • An analysis of the main sectors of sport innovation, including software and apps, big data, equipment, apparel, nutrition, training/coaching, fantasy, and gaming

Introduction to Sport Entrepreneurship

  • Undergraduate introduction to sport entrepreneurship principles, including product development, IP, sales and distribution, sport marketing, social media, fundraising, valuation, and exit strategies.

Field Experience: Funding and Growing a Sport Startup

  • Behind the scenes experience where the class participates in the Stadia Accelerator selection process and then follows the Maryville Award winning company through the accelerator process. (To be held at T-Rex)

Start Me Up – Creating Your Own Sport Startup

  • A crash course to help students start their own sport-related business. Principles to include lean canvas development, elevator pitch, and investor pitch.
  • Incudes activities within the St. Louis startup community (such as pitch contests and investor presentations)
  • Students can develop their own concept, or choose from pre-assigned lists