What Honors Students are Saying

When we asked Bascom Honors Program students about the program, they said:

  • “I would recommend Honors to anyone who wants a challenge and wants to learn.”
    – Jacob Thoma
  • “The Honors program allows for an enriched learning opportunity because of the greater in-class discussion.” – Joel Barz
  • “I like the colloquiums because they allow all students to expand their views on a variety of topics.” – Nicki Steffen
  • “The transition from high school to college can be difficult, and some people may be weary of adding honors courses into their schedule because of this. However, the Bascom Honors Program has many unique and interesting classes which actually makes the transition easier.”
    – Cassie Gant, Interior Design Major
  • “I love the honors program at Maryville because it challenges me to think beyond the obvious aspects of the courses. You just get more out of it. Honors classes are more challenging than many other classes. They opened me up to new ideas.” – Jaime Gully, Sociology Major
  • “I find that a wide variety of people are what makes the Honors program something special. Instead of having the same type of people, there is a large variety of different people who represent many different parts of our culture in the program. This large conglomeration of different people is what makes college a special and enjoyable experience as well. I have not only enjoyed the students, but the wonderful professors at Maryville as well. Sometimes, I have enjoyed conversing with them as much as I do with my peers. It is interesting to hear their stories and life lessons…Even though it feels that my learning is over, in reality it has only just begun. It is important to remember that there are many things left to learn. Also, I must remember to hold onto those life lessons and values that my professors have endowed onto me.”
    – Patrick Hesser, Business Major
  • “I really enjoyed participating in the Bascom Honors Program. It was a great opportunity and experience to take a class with other students possessing the same dedication and work ethics. It was also a great to be challenged not only by my professors, but also by my classmates during class discussions. I also think that the seminar structure of most of the courses helps students to learn better and provides a great opportunity for students to learn to communicate with others. The classes offered each semester are always very interesting and I really like that the course topics are much more narrowed than other general courses.”
    – Karissa Etzkorn, Math Modeling for Business Majors
  • “I really enjoy the professors and the exchange of ideas that takes place in the honors program. I have been in too many classes that do not require you to do much more than listen, read, and regurgitate. In the honors program, I have constantly been challenged on notions that I have held and often leave class still grappling with a topic the class just discussed.”
    – Matthew Renaud, History Major
  • “I loved being able to talk with other students who had deeper insights into the course material and really wanted to be in class.” – Alysha Kinney, Physical Therapy Major
  • “I enjoyed taking classes that weren’t repeats from high school and that integrated various aspects of life and the world into the classroom.” – Sarah McDaniel, Physical Therapy Major
  • “I enjoy the opportunity to study interesting subjects that are unfamiliar to me. The relationships between the honors staff and students are unique and enriching.” – Lindsay Harris, Studio Art Major
  • “I liked the interesting topics taught by some of the best professors.” – Eric Shubert, Actuarial Science Major