Benefits of the Honors Program

Maryville University’s Bascom Honors Program aims to:

Bascom Honors Logo
  1. Provide intellectual and social engagement that allows honors students to develop to their highest potential.
  2. Foster an appreciation of the liberal arts to enrich students’ academic lives and promote a commitment to lifelong learning.
  3. Help students discover how the various academic disciplines relate to one another, to the world beyond academia and to their own lives in both professional and personal contexts.
  4. Help students acquire the skills necessary to take responsibility for their own learning and to achieve all of their life goals.
  5. Establish a learning environment that encourages independence of thought and use of academic experiences to develop a personal set of values.
  6. Foster an attitude of responsibility to self and community.

To achieve these goals, honors students can receive the following benefits:

Additionally, there are several University benefits that many honors students find intellectually stimulating: