Biomedical Science

An opportunity to make a difference

Amazing discoveries and groundbreaking technologies are changing the field of Biomedical Science every day. Joining the Biomedical Science program at Maryville University will give you the opportunity to make a difference in the well-being of individuals, the health of the nation and the world.

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About the Biomedical Science Program

A Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science can prepare you for generalist positions in health and natural sciences.  Our program provides the foundation you need to continue your studies in health education, basic biomedical sciences, medicine or public health.

Program Features

One of the staples of our Biomedical Science program is our commitment to helping you find an internship. Because of our integrated program, you’ll likely have taken courses within several of the life sciences including biology, biomedical science and biochemistry. Many of our students have interned at non-profit community agencies, businesses or government facilities. You’ll have the knowledge you need to benefit and grow in any internship setting, but we’ll work with you to make sure you settle into the place that’s just right for you.

Career Opportunities

Post-graduate programs aren’t your only option once you’ve received your bachelor’s. However, supplementing your undergraduate education with a master’s degree can help you learn more about specialized fields, and can give you a better chance at earning a higher income. Professional career opportunities include clinical laboratory science and research in areas like the Human Genome Project, or its follow-up, the Human Proteome Project. Whatever path you choose, the need for biomedical scientists is considerable.

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