Spirit of Maryville 2017: Patrick Sly

Patrick J. Sly retired in 2016 following a 26-year career with Emerson. Most recently he served as executive vice president, managing the Emerson Charitable Trust and the company’s community relations.

He also oversaw facilities on Emerson’s St. Louis campus, Emerson’s worldwide travel and vehicle programs, and corporate sales. Through his role with the Emerson Charitable Trust, Sly was been actively involved in the community and with Maryville. In recent years, Emerson has generously supported the Young Scholars program through Maryville’s School of Education, a community outreach program that identifies high potential in students from schools in underserved districts.

Emerson is also a regular sponsor of Maryville’s St. Louis Speakers Series and supports Maryville’s music therapy program for children, Kids Rock Cancer. Sly served on the Ferguson Commission, and continues to serve on numerous boards throughout St. Louis.