Maryville Dual Enrollment – High School on Campus Course Offering

Course Title Credits Pre-Requisite(s)
ACCT-210 Financial Accounting 3 ISYS-100 and MATH-116 or higher
ADAH-100 World Arts & Ideas I 3
ADAH-150 World Arts & Ideas II 3 ADAH-100
ADSA-100 Design I 3
ADSA-150 (or ADSA-150F) Design II 3 ADSA-100
BIOL-101 (and lab) Human Anatomy & Physiology I and Lab 4
BIOL-102 (and lab) Human Anatomy & Physiology II and Lab 4 BIOL-101
CHEM-103 (and lab) General Chemistry I and Lab 4
CHEM-104 (and lab) General Chemistry II and Lab 4 CHEM-103
COMM-121 Intro to Contemporary Communication 3
ECON-201 Macroeconomics 3 ENGL-104 and MATH-116 or higher
ECON-202 Microeconomics 3 ENGL-104 and MATH-116 or higher
ENGL-101 Composition: Theme Writing 3
ENGL-104 (or ENGL-104F) Composition: The Essay 3 ENGL-101 or ACT English subscore of 26 or higher
FREN-101 Elementary French I 3
FREN-102 Elementary French II 3 FREN-101
HIST-122 US History since 1877 3
HIST-131 World History I: to 1500 3
HUM-101 (or HUM-101F) Cultures and Values 3
ISYS-100 Computer Applications 3
LEGL-101 Introduction to Law 3
LEGL-105 Legal Ethics, Inter & Investigation 3 LEGL-101
MATH-115 Contemporary Math 3
MATH-116 Intermediate Algebra 3
MATH-117 College Algebra 3 MATH-116 or ACT Math subscore of 26 or higher
MATH-125 College Algebra & Trigonometry 3 MATH-116 or ACT Math subscore of 26 or higher
MATH-141 Elementary Statistics 3 MATH-117
MATH-151 Calculus I 4 MATH-125
PHYS-101 (and lab) Topics in Physics and Lab 4
PHYS-103 (and lab) General Physics I and Lab 4 MATH-125
PHYS-104 (and lab) General Physics II and Lab 4 PHYS-103
PSCI-103 America & The Contemporary World 3
PSYC-101 (or PSYC-101F) General Psychology 3
SCI-222 Meterology 3
SPAN-101 Elementary Spanish I 3
SPAN-102 Elementary Spanish II 3 SPAN-101
SPAN-201 Intermediate Spanish I 3 SPAN-102
SPAN-202 Intermediate Spanish II 3 SPAN-201

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