complaint process

Student Complaint Process

As a one of the outstanding private institutions of the Midwest, Maryville University is committed to the academic success and professional development of our students by providing excellent academic programs via distance education in the areas of business, education, health professions, and liberal arts.  In fulfilling this commitment, we strive to resolve student complaints in a fair, equitable, expeditious, and amicable manner.

Out-of-state distance learning students are encouraged to use proper institutional protocols in order to resolve their complaints.  These protocols are outlined in the Student Complaint Process.  However, if such complaints cannot be resolved internally, students may file a complaint with our accrediting agency and/or the corresponding agency in their state of residence.

Maryville University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC).  Information regarding the HLC complaint process can be found on their website:

The following list of states outlines the corresponding agency and contact information should students decide to file a complaint at their home state.


U.S. Territories