Global Scholars Program

A Signature, Accelerated Academic Program Focused on Global Awareness

Maryville University is excited to offer the option of participating in the Global Scholars Program to undergraduate students. This program is designed for students who want to study abroad three times during their undergraduate career and who want to complete a minor in international studies. Students participating in this program can achieve their undergraduate degree in an accelerated format by studying abroad in the summer. This program works best for students completing a major in the humanities and social sciences, but it can be added to the degree program for students in many of Maryville’s majors.

Download a pdf of information on the Global Scholars Program.

Academic and Co-Curricular Elements of Program

  • Major of Student’s Choosing + Minor in International Studies: Students in this program will major in a single discipline and complete a minor in international studies. Options for the primary major include psychology, criminal justice/criminology, communication, sociology, English, organizational leadership, liberal studies (with concentrations in political science, psychology, or create-your-own concentration), history. Other majors are also possible to complete with the Global Scholars Program if they can be done with three study abroad experiences and if a minor in international studies can be added to the program in terms of credit hours.
  • Study Abroad Details: Students will participate in the existing Oxford month-long summer study abroad experience run by Maryville University in the summer after their freshman year. In addition, students will participate in two additional month-long summer study abroad or semester experiences*. After the Oxford summer, students have the option to select programs that fit their academic interests.
  • Honors Program: Students in this program may also participate in the Honors Program. We encourage Global Scholars to do the Honors Program because of the in-depth academic experience it provides and because it provides additional options for course scheduling on campus and abroad.

Admission Requirements

  • Current First Year Students: Current students who are interested in joining the program should complete the Global Scholars Program Entry Form available on the Global Scholars Program website and arrange a meeting with Dr. Dohrman to submit the entry form and discuss the program. Dr. Dohrman will assist the student in adding the program to their student profile.
  • High School Senior Applicants: Students applying to Maryville University as first year students who are interested in this program should check the Global Scholars Program box on the University application or Common application to indicate their interest in the program.

For more information, contact Dr. Rebecca Dohrman at

*Students who wish to graduate in three years and that bring at least 14 transfer or AP credits into the University upon enrollment can make one of the summers abroad into a full semester abroad to enhance the abroad experience and increase the amount of time spent in an international location.