Frequently Asked Questions

What GPA do I need to apply for a distinguished fellowship?

The minimum GPA varies by award, but a 3.7 is a good general rule for the minimum you need to be competitive. The higher, the better!

Why should I apply for one of these scholarships?

  • Winning an award has benefits beyond the immediate: financial or tuition award. A distinguished fellowship is usually mentioned on the “short list” of accomplishments for one’s entire career.
  • Winning the campus nomination for one of these awards is considered an accomplishment.
  • The preparation process for a nationally competitive award is similar to the graduate school application process and therefore is fabulous preparation and practice for the students. Their graduate school personal statements and essays should be stronger having competed within their college for a campus nomination.

What type of students apply for these awards?

There is a wide variety of students that apply for these awards. The students must be ambitious, display excellence in various aspects of their life, and be willing to work hard to put together an application and prepare for an interview.

I have never written a personal statement before. Where can I go to get started?

Look at the Resources for Applicants page. It has some great resources to get you started. The faculty at Maryville stands ready to help you through this process. Get a first draft done and send it to the faculty representation for your fellowship. They will help you determine how you need to edit it to be as competitive as possible. Be sure to review the website of the fellowship to which you are applying for specific guidelines of what they are requesting.