1. Support classroom innovation and risk-taking among faculty and students
2. Make intentional design choices to use technology and space that deepens student learning
3. Actively build and use alternative learning spaces across campus and in the community to support active learning pedagogy and student-faculty engagement
4. Work quickly to develop and implement learner-centered pedagogical methods based on research, and enhanced by cutting-edge technology and digital resources
5. Offer new opportunities for students and faculty to think differently about, and engage actively in, solving real-world, community-based problems
6. Develop and use new delivery modes (including experiential learning) to facilitate learning
7. Create and sustain a learning environment that celebrates diverse/inclusive perspectives in all fields
8. Create and sustain a learning environment that supports the evolving use of learning strategies in all fields
9. Conduct on-going assessment based on outcomes and program review
10. Sustain a continuous improvement cycle regarding student learning and faculty development

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