Adjunct Faculty Resources

Adjunct Teaching at Maryville
Many institutions depend on adjunct or part-time faculty to teach certain courses. Dr. Tammy Gocial, Associate Vice-President for Academic Affairs, points out that adjunct faculty collectively represent approximately 50% of the teaching that takes place at  Maryville University.One of her major responsibilities is to work with the adjunct faculty to learn more about them and find more and better ways to support and help them connected to Maryville.At Maryville, most of our adjunct faculty came equipped with their professional experiences integrating them into their classroom teaching. They bring diversity in the classroom with their professional expertise relevant and appropriate to the courses they are teaching. Maryville recognizes the valuable contribution adjunct teaching makes to the learning of our students. This site is created and maintained to provide valuable information and resources to connect and support adjunct faculty in their teaching and professional growth and development.Faculty Resources

  • Early Alert Attendance Reporting
    Attendance Reporting is critical in serving our students effectively.  Attendance reporting supports the integrity of Maryville’s student account, financial aid distribution, and enrollment accuracy. Please report student attendance promptly. Click the Early Alert Attendance Reporting site to report online. You will need your Maryville username and password to login. You only need to report the attendance one time. For 8-week courses, report after the first class meeting. For 16-week courses, report during the second week of classes. Contact Information: Email registrar@maryville.edu or call 314.529.8369.
  • Maryville Library Resources
    The University Library provides services to faculty such as reserving printed materials and in electronic format. Library orientation is also available especially to new faculty to be familiar with the library resources. Faculty can schedule a meeting for their classes with Library staff to visit and provide information about the different resources and services of the University Library. Contact Information: Call 314.529.9595.
  • Maryville University Policies and Procedures
  • Teaching Resources:
    This section provides some helpful tips and information to help you create and deliver a great course.  Contact your Program Director if you have questions or concerns about the course you are teaching.

  • Instructional Technology Resources
  • Information Technology Resources 
    • Maryville User Account
      Maryville user account is created for each faculty member by the Information Technology department. A faculty member is required to obtain a Faculty ID Number (see section under How-To’s to obtain your ID Number) . A Faculty ID Number is required to create your Maryville user account used to access email, the Canvas learning management system, OLE (Online Course Evaluation), AccessMaryville (to access class roster, attendance reporting, update midterm and final grades online, advising resources for full-time faculty, etc.), Maryville Intranet, etc.To create your user account, visit http://mylogin.maryville.edu
    • Help Desk Orientation
      The Help Desk provides assistance to students, faculty and staff for all of their technology needs.  They can help you get connected to the campus network, adjust your anti-virus software, manage classroom technology, and facilitate connection to our learning management system.  They can be reached at 314-529-9506 or check out their Orientation information by clicking the link.
    • Online Course Evaluation (OLE)
      Online course evaluation is conducted for all courses each semester to provide important and reliable data used to improve the teaching and learning at Maryville. The online course evaluation is one of the measures used to derive information to evaluate educational effectiveness at Maryville University. The course evaluation is one of the tools for students to give feedback on the different areas of instruction. Instructors use the evaluation results to make content revisions to improve teaching, learning, and assessment methods in their courses. OLE Support Information: Kim Knoernschild, email ole@maryville.edu or call 314.529.6521
    • Canvas
      The Learning Design and Technology staff provides technology tools, resources, and technology training to equip faculty in the integration of Canvas into teaching and learning.  The staff offers instructional design support, and training, for all aspects of the Canvas learning management system (Discussions, Assignments, Modules, Group work space, etc.) as well as for other technology resources and applications.  Contact:  Sam Harris at learn@maryville.edu or call 314-529-9316.
    • Faculty Technology Training
      Maryville provides training on the use of technology resources to equip faculty in their course preparation and classroom teaching to engage students into meaningful learning. The integration of these technology tools will facilitate course delivery and enhance classroom communication. Training sessions are conducted throughout the school year. Contact Information: learn@maryville.edu
    • Classroom Technology and Computer Labs
      The Information Technology (IT) department at Maryville is responsible for planning, development, operation, and maintenance of the University’s central computing systems and the communications systems. IT provide support to all classroom technology and computer labs campus wide including off-site campuses. IT services include management and creation of user accounts to access Maryville email, Canvas, AccessMaryville and other information technology service access campus wide. IT Help Desk Information: helpdesk@maryville.edu or call 314.529.9506.