Opt Out Information

In accordance with Department of Education regulation § 668.164 regarding students receiving Title IV funding, an option to opt out of the textbook program and receive a partial credit for the textbook portion of the One Fee must be offered. With the opt out option, students are responsible for directly procuring textbooks and course materials; students who opt out still have access to the online textbook portal for viewing textbook information. 

The chart below details the credit students who opt out of the textbook program would receive.  Please consult your billing statement for the rate charged to you, which is dependent upon your current enrollment.

One Fee Rate Opt Out Credit
$450/semester $100/semester
$1,200/semester $231/semester

Opt Out Process

Students who wish to opt out of the textbook program and receive a credit as noted on the chart above must notify the university in writing by completing this form.The opt out option is available for traditional day undergraduate students and graduate students in the Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech-Language Pathology programs; students in all other programs are already excluded from the textbook program.

Please note the following conditions for opting out:

  • Students who opt out of the textbook program must obtain their own textbooks and course materials, and are responsible for ensuring they have the correct books and materials as required by the course instructor by the first day of class(es).
    • The official source of information about what textbooks and materials are required for each course is accessible through the M Store website or by accessing RedShelf through your Canvas course section.  
    • Textbooks and course materials may no longer be obtained through the on-campus The M Store. Students must utilize external sources.
    • Any textbooks or course materials that are not available commercially will still be provided to you under the textbook program, at no additional cost to you.
  • Once an opt out request is processed by the university, the student is opted out of the program indefinitely. Students must notify the university in writing in order to opt back in, which must be received prior to the start of the semester. Please contact the Solution Squad at ssc@maryville.edu or (314) 529-9360 to find out more about opting in.
  • The full charge for the One Fee will still appear on your billing statement, along with a line detailing the amount credited for opting out of the textbook program.

Opt Out Form