Transformational Learning


“We watch the terrain, we understand opportunity,
and we’re nimble in our response.” ~ President Mark Lombardi, PhD

Digital World

An extraordinary shift in teaching and learning is underway at Maryville University. Rather than passive and lecture-focused, our classrooms are dynamic and experiential—and mobile. This leading-edge approach to education is enhanced by Digital World, developed in partnership with Apple. Through this groundbreaking program, every student receives an iPad, which they customize by selecting from more than 135 apps in the Maryville Cloud. The apps are truly new learning tools; students use them to boost collaboration and interactivity among peers and faculty, strengthen study skills, and navigate course content more effectively.

Life Coaching

A rarity in higher education because it is so revolutionary, Maryville University’s Life Coach program takes a holistic approach to student success. From Day One, the Life Coach team helps students transition to college, find their place and voice on campus, and pursue career goals—even after they graduate. Using innovative survey tools and career resources, Maryville’s Life Coaches also help students discover ways they learn best. After assessing individual top strengths, they explore how students can best apply those attributes to academic, personal, and professional choices. Our Life Coach team is dedicated to helping Maryville students design their own path to success, and empowers them to walk confidently toward a future of lifelong learning.

Faculty Development

Completely transforming old notions of what transpires in a classroom, Maryville faculty are reengineering the art of teaching by designing a collaborative, learner-centered approach—meaning students are co-creators of their own education. At Maryville, today’s learning experiences happen in interactive, highly mobile, and technology-rich environments.