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Maryville University of St. Louis, is an outstanding national university offering a comprehensive and innovative education focused on student learning, outcomes and successes.


Class gift

Class Gift

Every graduate can celebrate their success and their personal Maryville experience with a gift toward the School or College, program, or club of choice. All gifts from students who are graduating in December 2018, May 2019, or August 2019 count towards our goal. Help make an impact and leave your personal legacy!


$399 / 10000

kids rock cancer crowdfund

Kid’s Rock Cancer

Support Kids Rock Cancer During Childhood Cancer and Sickle Cell Awareness Month. Kids Rock Cancer has provided joy to more than 1,500 children in the St. Louis area, through the healing power of music therapy. They “rock cancer” by writing and recording an original song on a CD—a powerful expression of their thoughts and feelings.


$3736 / 10000

maryville homecoming crowdfund

Women’s Bowling

The Saints Bowling team is entering their fourth season competing in the NCAA. Your donation helps us substantially with our pre-season development, travel budget, and our practice facility expenses. Proceeds from your gift will go directly to the program.


$1001 / 5000

maryville homecoming crowdfund

Maryville Homecoming

A Maryville tradition begins anew this fall! You’re invited to share in Homecoming 2018—a week-long festival of friends, food and activities. In addition, we will be fundraising for Maryville University Scholarships.


$1310 / 5000

maryville saints swim and dive team

Swim & Dive Team

The program is rapidly growing and needs and values your support. Your contribution will allow us to provide more opportunities for our swimmers, divers and coaches, to supplement the budget for travel, equipment, practices and scholarships.


$490 / 5000

Maryville Lacrosse funded campaign

Maryville Lacrosse

The Men’s Lacrosse team reached its fundraising goal. The proceeds will go to the Men’s Lacrosse program, and for every $100 raised, the lacrosse team sent a care package to a soldier overseas. Your donation made an impact on the team as well as our troops.


$5712 / 5000

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1000 Saints

#1000 Saints

Maryville and Saints Nation supported the 4th Annual #1000 Saints. This event was held on Feb. 24, and benefited Kids Rock Cancer — Maryville’s innovative music therapy program for kids and teens who have been affected by a cancer diagnosis.


$37527 / 20000

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Buzz a Botanist funded campaign

Buzz a Botanist

Kyra Krakos, PhD, an associate professor of biology at Maryville helped raise over $11,000 for Kids Rock Cancer. As part of the campaign, she had Maryville’s President Mark Lombardi, PhD, shave her head during Moonlight Madness on Oct. 21.


$11094 / 5000

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Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity

For the 25th consecutive year, Maryville University is partnering with Pensacola, Florida’s Habitat for Humanity to help build a home for a family in need. The trip is an alternative, substance-free spring break offered to Maryville students.


$4026 / 4000

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Golf fund

Men & Women’s Golf

Support the success of the men’s and women’s golf teams as they begin the 2018 season. This year the golf teams are hoping to fulfill their “wish lists” for higher quality gear and improved facilities—to become even more competitive on the course.


$6514 / 6500

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men's soccer team crowdfund

Men’s Soccer

The Saints soccer team had a successful 2017 season and is geared up for another one this year! Please continue to help us elevate our soccer program. Your donation helps us substantially with our pre-season development and equipment needs.


$5440 / 5000

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maryville stunt team crowdfund

Maryville STUNT Team

Your donation substantially helps the STUNT program with development and equipment needs, practice facility rental and participation in tournaments. The STUNT team will officially begin competition during the 2018 – 19 season.


$7067 / 5000

Crowdfunding at Maryville University – what’s that?
Crowdfunding at Maryville is a platform to help Maryville community members raise money for the causes and projects that matter to them. Projects that advance innovation, teaching and learning at the University — including those focused on student groups, student experience, athletics or faculty-specific initiatives — are the highest priority.

Who is eligible to use Maryville University’s crowdfunding platform?
Crowdfunding at Maryville is open to all faculty, staff and students at Maryville University who are raising money for University-based and affiliated initiatives and projects. Crowdfunding at Maryville cannot be used to fund independent business or charity ventures regardless of whether or not the people leading those ventures are members of the Maryville community. All members pursuing a crowdfunding project must follow the set procedures and processes outlined by the Office of Alumni Engagement and must use the University approved and provided platform: crowdfunding.maryville.edu.

Can I use Maryville University’s name, branding, and logo?
Maryville University’s name, branding, and/or logo may not be used in a crowdfunding project without prior approval by the Office of Alumni Engagement, vice president for Institutional Advancement, and the Integrated Marketing and Communications staff. A University staff member assigned to your project will obtain these approvals.

How much time is required when using Crowdfunding at Maryville?
Typically, each crowdfunding project will be live for about a month. It is recommended that most groups begin planning their crowdfunding project six weeks before their preferred start dates. The initial setups of the project will take about 10 to 12 hours total and the fundraising stages will require about one to two hours per week for captains.

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