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Institutional Advancement

Tom Eschen
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
314-529-9343, teschen@maryville.edu

David Bruns
Associate Vice President for Institutional Advancement
314-529-9379, dbruns@maryville.edu

Fay Fetick
Chief of Staff for Institutional Advancement
314-529-9673, ffetick@maryville.edu

Mindy Schlansky
Director, Advancement Communications
314-529-6853, mschlansky@maryville.edu

Kathy Luther
Advancement Services Manager
314-529-9348, kluther@maryville.edu

Jami Dolby
Administrative Assistant to the Vice President
314-529-9343, jdolby@maryville.edu

Francesca Mattina
Department Assistant
314-529-9338, fmattina@maryville.edu


Brittany Brown
Development Specialist
314-529-9631, bbrown5@maryville.edu

Rasheen Coleman
Development Director
314-529-6710, rcoleman1@maryville.edu

Liz Haynes
Director of Special Programs
314-529-9580, lhaynes@maryville.edu

Megan Holmes
Development Director
314-529-6852, mholmes3@maryville.edu

Peggy Michelson
Development Director
314-529-6543, pmichelson@maryville.edu

Mark Roock
Development Director
314-529-9674, mroock@maryville.edu

Mike Schroeder
Development Director
314-529-9380, mschroeder@maryville.edu

Erin Verry
Institutional Advancement
314-529-9336, everry@maryville.edu

Alumni Engagement

James Page
Director of Alumni Engagement
314-529-9344, jpage@maryville.edu

Bree Baker
Assistant Director of Alumni Engagement
314-529-9391, bbaker1@maryville.edu

Special Events

Chris Hollenbeck
Director, Special Events & Donor Relations
314-529-6854, chollenbeck@maryville.edu

Carla Guignon
Department Assistant
314-529-9624, cguignon@maryville.edu

Elizabeth Barton
Coordinator of Special Events and Donor Relations
314-529-6602, ebarton@maryville.edu