Organizational Leadership

Innovative Leadership Education

Interested in strengthening your general management and leadership skills and understanding how to improve people processes in your organization? If so, one of our undergraduate or graduate leadership programs may be right for you.

You will learn to apply the best and most current evidence-based practices from psychology and business to innovate, drive results, and improve work group and organization effectiveness. Relative to business programs, organizational leadership programs focus on general management practices and people processes rather than business processes and systems. You will develop competencies in change leadership, conflict management, team dynamics and development, evidence-based decision making, and a better understanding of human behavior in organizations. You can customize your degree with elective courses or concentrations that support your specific career interests.

Transform your thinking and set yourself apart with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in organizational leadership at Maryville University.

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About the Organizational Leadership Programs


In our organizational leadership programs, you will:

  • Set yourself apart with a unique interdisciplinary education grounded in the best and most current evidence-based practices in business and psychology
  • Transform your thinking beyond what you know to how you know when addressing complex challenges, conflict, and change
  • Master leadership practices by applying them immediately to your own work setting and in the classroom
  • Build a strong and supportive professional network with other talented professionals and faculty through small class sizes
  • Customize your program with elective courses that support your specific career interests

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