International Studies

The International Studies major educates students about emerging global issues concerning politics, culture, religion, art, and social policy. The purpose of the major is to produce an informed and broadly educated global citizenry who can then take this learning to both private and public sector professions and arenas that address a wide variety of international issues and global challenges. International Studies students will take a set of core courses in religion, politics, geography, literature, and history.

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About the International Studies Program

Students in the International Studies Program will then develop a track of courses in a particular thematic area — for example: Western civilization, non-Western civilization, international relations, religious studies, global arts and architecture, global issues such as global health; comparative studies, European studies, European studies, British studies, Asian studies — that corresponds to their intellectual interests and professional goals. This knowledge will require language skills, living-abroad experiences, analytical and reasoning skills, cross-cultural attitudinal skills, substantive knowledge about geographic areas, and knowledge about specific contemporary global and cultural issues and processes.

Because the major is 39 credits, excluding foreign language requirements, students will be able to double major or minor in an area that complements their International Studies major.

Program Features

Study Abroad
You may take full advantage of our consortium agreement with other schools, partaking in exchange and internship opportunities available for international studies majors. You can spend a summer, semester, or full year abroad, and use the experience to satisfy your language study as well.

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