Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Program at Maryville will prepare you for a design position in a variety of environments including marketing and advertising, brand strategy, packaging and retail, interactive, environmental design or corporate communications.

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About the Graphic Design Program

Are you interested in creating strategic, visual solutions for business, education and entertainment? If so, a degree in graphic design from Maryville University might be right for you.

The design profession is demanding and ever-changing. To excel in this profession, you must be self-motivated, flexible and collaborative. The successful graphic designer is able to bring creative, intellectual and technical expertise to diverse, business environments.

Program Features

The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) in Graphic Design is an intensely focused, professional degree structured to facilitate development of a mature, diverse and competitive portfolio. It prepares students for full participation in the professional design community. The Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Graphic Design is a liberal arts degree. The B.A. curriculum reduces the concentration in graphic design study in order to allow time for pursuit of a second strong academic interest, and is a good choice for a student considering a double major or a minor in a complementary discipline.

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Career Opportunities

Graphic designers work in a variety of design, marketing and communications fields. Recent Maryville graduates have begun their careers in design and marketing firms, corporate communications, marketing and promotion, brand identity and strategy, advertising and web design

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