Graduate Tuition and Fees

Maryville University accepts cash, check, money orders, cashier’s checks, MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express and pinless debit for tuition and fee payments. Maryville University also accepts most Employer Tuition Assistance programs and works with students to award federal, state and institutional financial aid.

For more information on financial aid, click here or contact Financial Aid at 314-529-9360. Under certain circumstances, students may arrange for a Deferred Payment Plan to make payments throughout the course of the semester.

To learn more about this payment plan, contact Student Accounts at 314-529-9360.

Graduate Tuition and Fee Information for 2015-2016

Tuition and fees reflect the 2015-2016 rates as established by the Maryville University Board of Trustees, effective Summer 2015:

Master’s Programs
Full-time Rate (12-18 credits) $12,779/semester
Part-time Rate (1-11 credits) $781/credit hour
Overload Charge (more than 18 credits) $781/credit hour

*Master’s in Education for Professional Educators (1-11 credits) is $440.00/credit hour
To determine eligibility call the School of Education at 314-529-9542.

Master of Business Administration
Part-time Rate $625/credit hour
Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)
Part-time Rate (1-11 credits) $879/credit hour
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Part-time Rate (1-11 credits) $879/credit hour
Full-time Rate (12-18 credits) $12,779/semester
Doctor of Nursing Practice
Part-time Rate (1-11 credits) $879/credit hour
Full-time Rate (12-18 credits) $12,779/semester
Summer Session Courses
Full-time Rate (12-18 credits) $12,779/summer
Part-time Rate (1-11 credits) $879/credit hour
Overload Charge (more than 18 credits) $879/credit hour

Mandatory Fees

Technology Fee (Fall, Spring and Summer terms)
Full-time Students $350/semester
Part-time Students* $175/semester*
Online Students
Service Fee
Full-time Students* (not Adult Undergraduate) $250/semester*
Part-time Students* (not Adult Undergraduate) $100/semester*
*Fall and Spring only
Health and Wellness Fee
Full-time Students $100/semester
Part-time Students $35/semester
Matriculation Fee
New Full-time Freshmen and Transfers $200

Additional Fees

Admission Application Fee
Undergraduate Daytime and Adult Undergraduate Free
Graduate Programs Free
Deferred Payment Plan
Online Monthly Payment Plan (per semester) $45.00
Online Grade Dependent Plan (per semester) $45.00
Late Payment Fee (per month) $25.00
Evaluated Credit Posting
CLEP $50/credit hour
Prior Learning Assessement $100/credit hour
Speech or ISYS Waiver $50/credit hour
Graduation Fee
Undergraduate $75.00
Graduate $100.00
Permits no charge
Fines $50.00
In Handicapped space $100.00
Replacement Fees
Student ID Card $25.00
Lost Parking Permits $5.00
Miscellaneous Fees
Returned Check $25.00
Student Teaching $150.00
Transcripts $5.00
ACT Residual Test $35.00
Background Check for Health Professions' Clinicals Contact Nursing Department
High School Bridge Program $100/credit hour
Late Payment Fee (assessed after payment deadline) $100.00

Additional fees may be assessed for selected classes or labs. Fees are non-refundable.

Undergraduate and Adult Undergraduate Tuition and Fees