Why Study Abroad?

students taking a selfie in switzerland

Studying Abroad offers many important opportunities for Maryville University students.

  • You will obtain real world experience in a culturally significant foreign country.
  • Learning will take place “in the streets” more than in the classroom.
  • The cost of studying abroad can be comparable, or less than, studying on campus.
  • This is a great opportunity to see and experience another country filled with art, architecture, and history.
  • Studying abroad will help you acquire intercultural communication skills, prepare you for a global economy and will look great on your resume!

More than 100 Maryville students study abroad every summer!

You have options when you decide to study abroad. Your studies can parallel your major coursework or focus on a cultural exploration of the local environment. You can follow a short-term program from eight days to four weeks, or you can leave for a long-term experience – a semester or a year at an overseas campus. While you’re traveling, you might:

  • Admire masterpieces from Michelangelo to Mozart in the artistic apexes of the world.
  • Survey architectural ruins in Rome or other parts of the world.
  • Learn to navigate London, Paris, Florence or other magnificent European cities.
  • Explore the international energy in London, the financial capital of the world.
  • Navigate the sacred halls of Oxford University, the world’s greatest learning center.
  • Tour historical wonders like the Roman Colosseum.
  • Walk in the footsteps of those visionaries who transformed the ancient world into a modern global society.
Study Abroad For Parents
Study Abroad For Parents

Whether you go to a far corner of the globe or take just a short jog, getting to know people from different cultures will enrich your life in incalculable ways. Maryville University is committed to making it as easy as possible for students to participate in a study-abroad experience.

Loans and grants are available for qualified students (see the study abroad website). For the most successful study-abroad experience, we recommend you start planning as soon as possible.