Study abroad options for Maryville students

Study Abroad: Options

Study Abroad Options

Maryville is closely watching the evolving international coronavirus epidemic. After careful consideration, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all study abroad trips for summer 2020.

The Office of Study Abroad organizes a variety of affordable study programs that range from a few weeks in the summer to whole semesters in length. You can find a program no matter where you want to go, who you want to go with or how long you want to be there.

Timeline & Planning Guide

Any questions can be directed to:

Dr. James E. Harf
Gayle Dryden
Office for Study Abroad
Gander 235
Tel: 314-529-9649

Signature Study Abroad Programs

Short Term, faculty-led, three-to-four week summer programs

Maryville offers a regular selection of 3-4 week summer and 1-2 week winter/holiday break programs at different sites. Each site hosts 20-50 student participants per site taking a variety of courses from 5-10 different faculty. Students choose 1-3 courses from a list of offerings by our faculty and local faculty.

Characteristics of these summer programs include:

Contact Dr. James Harf by email or in Gander 235 for more information.

Florence, Italy
Florence, Italy is considered to be the birthplace of the Renaissance. This is the center of art and history, where some of the best artistic treasures reside in museums, churches, or in the streets.

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Nassau, Bahamas

More information coming soon.

  • Live in the heart of the world’s most cosmopolitan city, within easy reach of all important sites
nassau bahamas at dawn

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  • Live in the heart of Oxford, world’s greatest university town – walking distance to all important sites
  • Take 2-3 courses, including tutorial or creative writing course with Oxford Don (professor)
  • Courses in health professions, social sciences, humanities, education and science
  • Lecture course on world affairs available from group of Oxford and American professors
  • Several excursions to London, plus to Windsor Castle, Blenheim Castle and Stratford-on-Avon

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Oxford Honors Experience

Oxford is a city filled with “dreaming spires” and inspiring dreams. It is lush with Medieval architecture and rich with the architects of ideas. Oxford is also a vibrant city that surrounds the oldest university in the English-speaking world, with roots from as early as 1096. The University of Oxford consistently ranks in the top ten universities in the world and attracts students from around the globe. As a destination for honors studying abroad, Oxford is difficult to surpass. In our summer honors program at Oxford you can complete at least 2 honors seminar requirements while you:

  • Live in the heart of Oxford, world’s greatest university town – walking distance to all important sites
  • Enjoy excursions to London, Windsor Castle, Blenheim Palace and Stratford-on-Avon
  • Complete honors courses without using a contract
    • ✓ One course must be with an Oxford Don in a subject area of your choice
    • ✓ Second course can be with an Oxford Don or any of the other courses offered
  • Attend special honors-only excursions, activities and events; and
  • Complete an honors project from a list of possible options – or suggest one of your own!

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You can enroll in any of the programs above by completing the registration application online. To register you must submit the online application and a $300 deposit fee. This deposit is applied to the total cost of the program as advertised and 100% refundable until 60 days prior to departure.

Degree Study Abroad Programs

Degree-specific, faculty-led programs for specific majors

Maryville offers degree-specific study abroad programs at different sites and for different periods of time for selected majors. These programs have been designed by the faculty to provide an international experience that is tailored to specific majors. Enrollment in these programs is generally limited only to majors in the respective degree programs unless otherwise noted. Programs vary in length and timing and students will take 1-2 courses from a list of offerings that will apply to their degree program.

Characteristics of these programs include:

  • Up to 7 weeks of pre-departure readings and possible assignments
  • 1-3 weeks on-site or students may spend a substantial time traveling from location to location
  • Post-site assignments back home
  • Learning occurs in a 24-7 environment from Maryville faculty augmented by faculty from other Missouri universities and on-site local universities
  • Most of learning occurs outside the formal classroom “in the streets” via excursions to important sites


Manchester and London, England: Sports Business Management

Manchester, UK
    • Travel with sports management faculty and students to two of England’s hotbeds of sports and get the inside story of how various sports are organized in Great Britain
    • Sightsee the famous historical and cultural locations of London

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Tokyo, Japan: Sports Business Management

    • Travel with sports management faculty and students to Japan
    • Sightsee the famous historical and cultural locations of Tokyo

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New Zealand: Teacher Leadership (Graduate)

    • Travel with Professor Kevin Stokes to explore educational leadership
    • Open only to graduate students in the Teacher Leadership program

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Italy: Health Professions

More information coming soon.

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You can enroll in any of the programs above by contacting the appropriate faculty member through the request for information link above. To register, you must be approved by the program leaders who will provide you a link to submit the online application.

Contact Dr. James Harf by email or in Gander 235 for more information.

Individual Study Abroad Programs

Individualized, summer, semester-long and year-long programs

For an extended study experience, leave campus far behind and spend a semester, summer or year on your own at a university in a faraway city with classmates from different cultures. Experience university life in another part of the world as you explore subjects in your major or study new topics relating to the local environment. Somewhere in the world is a program to fit your interests and needs.
Enrolling in one of our partner institutions to provide semester study at a cost less than or equal to the cost of a regular semester of study on the Maryville campus. These institutions are located in Florence and Oxford.

The Florence Program (Santa Reparata International School of Art – SRISA) is designed for three audiences: (1) art and art design majors who can take courses in their major or fulfill general education requirements; (2) other humanities and social sciences majors who can take electives in their major or general education courses; and (3) other students who can fulfill general education requirements; and

The Oxford Program (Oxford Study Abroad Program – OSAP) is designed for all students and can provide coursework in most areas because of its affiliation with four top Oxford colleges. OSAP assists qualified students to study in Oxford as Associate Members or Visiting Students for one of the three Oxford terms, or for one of our shorter summer sessions.

For students who desire an educational experience that is uniquely their own, our Office of Study Abroad can assist with arrangements through one of the national Study Abroad organizations that combined offer hundreds of different opportunities. Examples include: AIFS Study Abroad, CAPA The Global Education Network, CIEE College Study Abroad, IES Abroad, CISabroad, International Studies Abroad, Semester At Sea.

Contact Dr. James Harf by email or in Gander 235 for more information.