Study abroad options for Maryville students

Study Abroad: Options

Study Abroad Options

Because of the continuing effects of the COVID virus and its variants, all on-site study-abroad Signature Programs for summer 2022 have been cancelled. A series of virtual study-abroad courses will be offered in their place. Preparations for these virtual courses relating to Oxford, Florence, London and Dublin are currently underway. Specific information relating to this courses will be found here shortly.

The Office of Study Abroad organizes a variety of affordable study programs that range from one week over spring and winter breaks to several weeks in the summer. In addition, we are able to work with students who desire an entire semester abroad to ensure that they find an appropriate program to meet their educational goals. You can find a program no matter where you want to go, who you want to go with, or how long you want to be there.

Timeline & Planning Guide

  • Getting Started (6-10 Months Out)
    Explore options: (approximately 6-10 months before program begins)
    • Think about goals and benefits of studying abroad (academic, career, & personal)
    • Research locations
    • Set up meetings with academic advisor and study abroad advisor to get more information
    • Begin the process of applying for or renewing your passport/visa if necessary (see U.S. Department of State website:
    Choosing a program & applying:
    • Review application procedures, ensure eligibility for the program
    • Meet with academic advisor to discuss plans for studying abroad; go over course options
    • Start a financial plan: research scholarships, request monetary gifts for birthdays/holidays, meet with a financial aid advisor
    • Visit, complete the application form and submit to confirm your participation
  • Preparing for Your Study Abroad Experience (2-6 Months Out)
    After admission: (approximately 2-6 months before your program begins)
    • Apply for or renew your passport/visa if you have not done so already
    – This can take several weeks; ideal to have passport 1-2 months before departure
    – Verify your passport is valid 6 months after the end of your program
    – Non-US citizens, visit the Office for Study Abroad for possible visa requirements
    • Set reminders for payment deadlines and finalize your budget for the trip
    • Attend program specific meetings
    • Research flight options and pricing (this is individual student responsibility, you may wish to get together with other students on your trip and book together as a group)
    • Register for classes through Access Maryville
    • Complete all university study abroad paperwork and application requirements
    – Health form, emergency contact form, hold harmless form, travel guidelines form, copy of passport, travel itinerary
  • Trip Specific Details (2-4 Months Out)
    • Florence trip:
    – Complete and submit your online housing application to SIRISA
    – Pay the refundable $250 housing deposit to Maryville University. Housing deposit is used to secure your housing, and only refundable to students who participate in the Florence program. Withdrawal from the program within 60 days of the start date will result in forfeiture of your deposit.
    • Oxford trip:
    – Complete and submit the OSAP summer school application.
    – OSAP sends original UK immigration document to the address listed on your application. The original is required to enter the UK.
    • Lugano trip: indicate roommate preference
    • London Trip: Complete and submit LEB application for UK immigration document
  • Continued Research and Preparation (1-3 Months Out)
    Approximately 1-3 months before your program begins
    • Continue research on your study abroad location, country and specific city in which you will live
    • Download/purchase guide books and pocket dictionaries if desired
    • Research climate of your program site and begin a packing list with culturally appropriate clothing and any household items you can’t live without
    • Purchase your airline ticket if you have not done so already
    • Visit your physician, optometrist, and dentist to discuss any medical issues, obtain required immunizations, and fill any required prescription medications, if needed
    • Make sure your credit and/or debit card can be used overseas and inform banks and credit card companies of your travel plans
    – Tip: look into banks that have partner bank locations in your program location; these may offer lower (or no) fees when withdrawing money while abroad
    • Attend pre-departure meetings related to your trip
    – Including course specific meetings before departure, begin any pre-departure course preparation
    • Pay all tuition and fees or enroll in a payment plan prior to departure
  • Trip Specific Details (1-3 Months Out)
    • Florence trip:
    – Reserve your space on optional excursions
    – IMPORTANT: If you are going to Rome, make sure your return trip to the U.S. departs from Rome rather than from Florence.
    – Housing assignments, lease and pre-departure information available from SIRISA
    – Sign and submit the housing lease together with a passport copy and arrival information
  • Final Arrangements: (Week of Departure)
    • Withdraw cash in the currency of your program location for immediate use upon your arrival
    – Tip: typically the equivalent of about 200 U.S. dollars allows you to pay for taxi cabs from airport, grab a bite to eat, and get settled without having to search for an ATM right away
    • Copy all important documents and credit cards to take with you, leave one copy at home
    – Including passport, airline tickets, itinerary, address of your housing abroad, and a contact list for professors or leaders of your trip
    – Share this information with your emergency contact person, parent or guardian
    • Re-confirm airline and arrival transportation arrangements
  • Maximizing Your Experience Abroad
    While abroad:
    • Keep a journal/blog to document and share experiences
    • Take pictures and label them as you go
    • Stay on top of assignments while abroad; while it seems unpleasant to complete homework there, you will appreciate it upon your return home
    After returning home:
    • Complete and submit all coursework and projects prior to deadline
    • Complete appropriate program evaluations
    • Request transcripts for your home university
    • Consider becoming a peer advisor/resource for prospective students
    • Add your study abroad experience to your resume

Any questions can be directed to:

Dr. James E. Harf
Office for Study Abroad
Tel: 314.749.6636

Signature Study Abroad Programs

Short Term, faculty-led, three-to-four week summer programs

Maryville offers a regular selection of 3-4 week summer programs at different sites. Each site hosts 20-50 student participants per site taking a variety of courses from different faculty from both Maryville and local institutions. Students choose 1-3 courses from a list of offerings by these faculty, depending on the type of program.

Annual summer program sites in recent years have included Florence (Italy), Oxford (England), and London (England). Programs at other sites are offered on a regular basis although not every year. These include Dublin (Ireland), Lugano (Switzerland) and Nassau (Bahamas).

Characteristics of these summer programs include:

  • 2 weeks of pre-departure readings and possible assignments
  • 3-4 weeks on-site
  • 4 weeks of post-site assignments back home
  • 2-3 courses typically allowed
  • Programs are typically located at an overseas educational site serving as a base with a Maryville faculty member as program leader with a support staff of other Maryville faculty members and a local institution’s support staff
  • Learning occurs in a 24/7 environment from Maryville and local faculty
  • Most of learning occurs outside the formal classroom “in the streets” with both class-related and enrichment excursions to important sites

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Florence, Italy

Our most popular program is in Florence, Italy, considered to be the birthplace of the Renaissance. This is the center of art and history, where some of the best artistic treasures reside in museums, churches, or in the streets. Both experienced art lovers and those new to art appreciation will thrill to treasures found in and around the city. The city also has much more to offer than art as the Tuscan region is also well known for its beauty and its cuisine. A virtual study abroad option is also available.

    • Program begins with 4-day excursion to the exciting and breathtaking Amalfi Coast, Mt. Vesuvius and Pompeii
    • Program ends with an optional 3-day end-of-trip excursion to Rome
    • Live in heart of Florence, within walking distance of all important sites
    • Learn about Florence and its contributions to Italian life and world art in the basic course taken by all students
    • Enroll in a second course from one in a wide range of academic areas
    • Excursions throughout Florence and to the medieval city of Siena plus others like Venice

Oxford, England

Oxford is home to one of the oldest and most important universities in the world. The ancient academic environment is evident throughout the city, whether on campus, in bookstores, or in famous restaurants and pubs where scholars throughout the ages have congregated and continue to meet. A virtual study abroad option is also available.

  • Program provides opportunity for a wide range of courses from Maryville faculty, a one-on-one independent study (tutorial) or creative writing course with an Oxford professor (called dons), and/or a lecture course on world affairs from a series of British and American professors
  • Live in the heart of this mid-sized academic town within walking distance of all important sites
  • Excursions to London several times plus trips to Blenheim Palace and Stratford-on-Avon

Oxford, England Honors Experience (open to Honors students)

Oxford is a city filled with “dreaming spires” and inspiring dreams. It is lush with Medieval architecture and rich with the architects of ideas. Oxford is also a vibrant city that surrounds the oldest university in the English-speaking world, with roots from as early as 1096. The University of Oxford consistently ranks in the top ten universities in the world and attracts students from around the globe. As a destination for honors students studying abroad, Oxford is difficult to surpass. A virtual study abroad option is also available. In our summer honors program at Oxford you can complete at least 2 honors seminar requirements while you:

  • Live in the heart of Oxford, world’s greatest university town – walking distance to all important sites
  • Enjoy excursions to London, Windsor Castle, Blenheim Palace and Stratford-on-Avon
  • Complete honors courses without using a contract
    • ✓ One course must be with an Oxford Don in a subject area of your choice
    • ✓ Second course can be with an Oxford Don or any of the other courses offered
  • Attend special honors-only excursions, activities and events; and
  • Complete an honors project from a list of possible options – or suggest one of your own!

London, England

  • Live in the heart of the world’s most cosmopolitan city in each reach of all important sites, from cultural to culinary to business locations
  • Large percentage of class-related and enrichment excursions are free
  • One course may be a business practicum where students work on a “real” project with a British firm – looks great on a resume!
  • Other educational options include courses in a variety of disciplines offered by Maryville faculty and local faculty

Nassau, Bahamas

  • A shorter program designed to provide a study-abroad experience at a lower cost
  • Two educational choices: study the history and culture of The Bahama (including a focus on the history of slavery and colonialism) or focus on Caribbean sustainability
  • 3-4 hour-long instruction every morning via daily excursions somewhere on the island
  • Spend afternoons at the beach participating in a variety of water sports
  • Accommodations at a self-contained resort hotel on the beach with on-site daily entertainment
  • 4 daily meals (3 regular meals plus nightly snack) include in the price
nassau bahamas at dawn

Dublin, Ireland

  • Live in Ireland’s most exciting city while also enjoying the beautiful Irish green countryside
  • Many excursions within Dublin as well as to Belfast (Northern Ireland), the Cliffs of Moher, and others
  • Students enroll in two courses: one course on the history and culture of Ireland taught by a team of Irish professors with daily excursions, and the second course from a list of topics taught by a Maryville professor
Dublin, Ireland

You can enroll in any of the programs above by completing the registration application online. To register you must submit the online application and a $300 deposit fee. This deposit is applied to the total cost of the program as advertised and 100% refundable until 60 days prior to departure.

Degree Study Abroad Programs

Degree-specific, faculty-led programs for specific majors

Maryville offers degree-specific and special interest study abroad programs at different sites and for different periods of time for selected majors and other interested students. These programs have been designed by the faculty to provide an international experience that is tailored to specific majors but also serve other students who have a special interest in the program’s topics. Enrollment in these programs is generally limited to majors in the respective degree programs unless otherwise noted. Non-majors who have a special interest in the topics covered on the trip may enroll in many of the programs, space permitting. Programs vary in length and timing. Students take 1-2 courses from a list of offerings that will apply to their degree program.

Characteristics of these programs include:

  • May have up to 7 weeks of pre-departure readings and possible assignments
  • 1-3 weeks on-site or students may spend a substantial time traveling from location to location
  • Post-site assignments back home
  • Learning occurs in a 24-7 environment from Maryville faculty augmented by faculty from on-site local universities
  • Most of learning occurs outside the formal classroom “in the streets” via excursions to important sites
  • Course credit options vary by program

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Here are examples of degree-seeking programs that have either recently been offered and/or that are planned for the near future.

Manchester and London, England: Sports Business Management

Manchester, UK
    • Travel with sports management faculty and students to two of England’s hotbeds of sports and get the inside story of how various sports are organized in Great Britain
    • Sightsee the famous historical and cultural locations of London

Tokyo, Japan: Sports Business Management

  • Travel with sports management faculty and students to Japan
  • Sightsee the famous historical and cultural locations of Tokyo

Spain: Spring Break Trip

Spend spring break exploring a number of cities in Spain with Maryville Spanish instructors. Credit available to Spanish minors and non-minors. This program was originally scheduled for March 2020 but was postponed because of the covid-virus. It will likely be offered in March 2022.

New Zealand: Teacher Leadership (Graduate)

    • Travel with Professor Kevin Stokes to explore educational leadership
    • Open only to graduate students in the Teacher Leadership program

New Zealand: Higher Education Leadership (Graduate)

    • Travel with Maryville professor Robin Grebing to explore higher education leadership
    • Open only to graduate students in the Higher Education Leadership program

England: Teacher Leadership (Graduate)

    • Travel with Professor Kevin Stokes to explore teacher leadership
    • Open only to graduate students in the Teacher Leadership program

England: Higher Education Leadership (Graduate)

    • Travel with Maryville graduate education professors to explore higher education leadership
    • Open only to graduate students in the Higher Education Leadership

You can enroll in any of the programs above by contacting the appropriate faculty member through the request for information link above. To register, you must be approved by the program leaders who will provide you a link to submit the online application.

Contact Dr. James Harf by email for more information.

Individual Study Abroad Programs

Individualized, summer, semester-long and year-long programs

For an extended study experience, leave campus far behind and spend a semester, summer or year on your own at a university in a faraway city with classmates from different cultures. Experience university life in another part of the world as you explore subjects in your major or study new topics relating to the local environment. Somewhere in the world is a program to fit your interests and needs.
Enrolling in one of our partner institutions to provide semester study at a cost less than or equal to the cost of a regular semester of study on the Maryville campus is recommended. These institutions are located in Florence and Oxford.

The Florence Program (Santa Reparata International School of Art – SRISA) is designed for three audiences: (1) art and art design majors who can take courses in their major or fulfill general education requirements; (2) other humanities and social sciences majors who can take electives in their major or general education courses; and (3) other students who can fulfill general education requirements; Substantial savings can be realized by spending a semester at SRISA.

The Oxford Program (Oxford Study Abroad Program – OSAP) is designed for all students and can provide coursework in most areas because of its affiliation with four top Oxford colleges. OSAP assists qualified students to study in Oxford as Associate Members or Visiting Students for one of the three Oxford terms, or for one of our shorter summer sessions.

For students who desire an educational experience that is uniquely their own, our Office of Study Abroad can assist with arrangements through one of the national Study Abroad organizations that combined offer hundreds of different opportunities. Examples include: AIFS Study Abroad, CAPA The Global Education Network, CIEE College Study Abroad, IES Abroad, CISabroad, International Studies Abroad, Semester At Sea.

Contact Dr. James Harf by email for more information.