Why #MaryvilleAbroad?

Office of Study Abroad

Whether you go to a far corner of the globe or take just a short jog, getting to know people from different cultures will enrich your life in incalculable ways. Maryville University is committed to making it as easy as possible for students to participate in an academic, high-rich study-abroad experience.


The Office of Study Abroad organizes a variety of affordable study programs that range from a few weeks in the summer and winter/holiday break to whole semesters in length. You can find a program no matter where you want to go, who you want to go with or how long you want to be there.

Study Abroad Options
  • Our Signature summer programs are the most popular programs at Maryville. Every summer our students can take a variety of Maryville courses from Maryville and local faculty in one of our three to four week programs.

  • Our Degree programs provide courses and experiences tailored to specific degrees in a range of countries. Times and lengths of programs vary.

  • Our Individual programs allow students to design a custom experience at virtually any site around the world.

Why study abroad?

• New experiences
• Travel the world
• Academic Credit

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